This year’s Hotel Warner West Chester Mile is shaping up to be a great one! In it’s forth year, Pennsylvania’s premier community track event is set to bring together runners of all paces, ages and abilities for a evening of experiencing the excitement that comes with running the four lap distance.

As the Community Mile races continue to grow (all ability levels are welcome to register here), we’re excited to announce who will be competing in the Elite Mile races at this year’s event! Our fastest races of the night bring together some of the best middle distance runners in North America to compete for fast times and $11,000 in cash prizes, with this year’s expected competitors listed below*:

McCaffrey All State Elite Women’s Mile (8:20 PM)

Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation Mile/1500m Outdoor Best
Lauren Johnson Adidas/BAA 4:25.04/4:04.17
Emily Lipari Adidas 4:28.84/4:05.68
Amanda Eccleston Brooks 4:25.64/4:03.25
Helen Schlachtenhaufein Saucony/Freedom Track Club 4:27.09/4:06.04
Stephanie Brown Unattached 4:29.06/4:06.71
Charlene Lipsey Adidas/Juventus TC 4:31.19/4:04.98
Ce’Aira Brown Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 1:58.01 800m/4:36.94
Regan Yee Unattached 4:32.79/4:09.29
Angel Piccirillo Juventus TC 4:32.74/4:13.40
Steph Schappert Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:30.07/4:09.41
Heather Wilson Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:29.39/4:07.47
Daniel Aragon Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:34.75/4:09.03
Tori Gerlach Reebok Boston Track Club 4:37.29/4:14.84
Stephanie Herrick Central Park TC 2:04.5 800m/4:18.00
Stephanie Van Pelt Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:06.18 800m/4:18.46
Allie Buchalski Brooks 15:35.55 5k/4:17.73
Kenyatta Iyevbele (Pacer) Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:01.68 800m

ServiceNow Elite Men’s Mile (8:30 PM)

Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation Mile/1500m Outdoor Best
Johnny Gregorek Asics/NJ-NY Track Club 3:54.94/3:35.00
Ford Palmer Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:55.60/3:36.98
Daniel Herrara HPW/Mexico 3:56.13/3:39.45
Rob Napolitano Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:58.68/3:38.74
Julian Oakley Unattached 3:58.89/3:39.42
Jake Edwards Columbus Running Company 3:58.09/3:41.82
Charlie Marquardt Unattached 3:55.97/3:39.53
Edward Kemboi Atlanta Track Club 1:44.77 800m/3:39.02
Alfredo Santana Garden State Track Club 3:58.03/3:39.17
Brian Crimmins NE Distance 4:00.68/3:42.66
Thilo Brill CPTC 4:03.50/3:45.59
Derek Gutierrez Ole Miss 4:03.25/3:44.39
Brandon Hudgins Skechers 3:59.67/3:38.20
Chris Marco Unattached 4:03.30/3:43.90
Jess Garn (Pacer) Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:57.23/1:45.04 800m

Meet Records-Men-Kyle Merber 3:56.19-2016.  Women-Hannah Fields-4:30.24-2017.

We welcome fans from far & wide to come out and join us trackside in supporting these amazing athletes, with the men’s field set to go after a 3:56 clocking and the women looking to run 4:26. To see these types of performances in person is an unforgettable experience, and the crowds that build trackside for these races help to energize the elites to run fast.

Keep an eye out here for a full mile preview as we get closer to the race. Tickets are available at the link below for those looking to come out & watch on August 9th, along with registration for the Community Miles, Kid’s 400m, and Elite Miles. Hope to see you there!

Join Us for the Hotel Warner West Chester Mile on August 9th

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