Thanks to everyone who ran or came out to watch on Thursday.  We had a great crowd.  We’ve got some good videos of the elite races and the Citizen’s Mile Championship from Richard Twist:

Elite Men-

Elite Women-

Citizen’s Championship Race-

Pictures from Lavo-

We had 307 milers plus 20 kids’ 400 plus 6 men under 4:00 plus a women’s meet and county record.  We had a lot of PRs from this group.  It was a fun night.  Thanks also to the sponsors who made it work.

This week’s survey will help us set up the training for the fall:

We have the TMC 5 Miler on Tuesday morning at the track.  It is a race(no frills).  You can enter for free from the store calendar with the discount code of TMC.  We’ll have a clock at the mile and the finish.  The course will not be marked nor will there be course marshals.  You’ll have to pay attention.  Here is the link to registration:

We’ll meet at the regular starting line at 5:45 and start at 5:50.  We want everyone doing this so please register.  We’ll start giving out numbers at 5:40.  We’ll have some water on the track.

This is a race so plan on putting yourself into some discomfort.  The first mile will be quick.  From the mile to 2 1/4 it will be a little tougher.  From there, it should be fast.

Here is the course:  Start at the mile starting line-Run 4 laps on the track-head out through the top gate-go towards Fern Hill as we usually do-don’t go into Fern Hill ES-go past there on Lincoln to the T and go left-at the stop sign go left on Fern Hill Road-make the left at the bottom of the hill-then right on Lincoln-then left and a quick right past the tennis courts-left on Montgomery-right in front of Henderson-left on Penn-Left on Chestnut-Left on Montgomery-left in front of Henderson-left into the front gate-back to the track and just under 3 laps on the track.  So, when you get to the clock on the track, you have 2 laps to go.

Here is how the rest of the week will look for the marathon/half marathon group:  M-4-6 miles easy.  Tuesday-Race.  Wed-30:00 easy.(Maybe at the last summer xc race at Oakbourne).  Thursday-off, Friday-off or 40:00.  Saturday-75:00.  Sunday-off.

Run the Loopers should run 2:20:00 on Saturday with 40:00 at marathon pace at the 1:30 mark.

Milers will workout on Friday-10 x 400 w/200jr at 5k pace.

Marathoners-we’ll look at 2 options for an early fall long race.  It will either be 13-15 miles at MP at Run the Loop or the Rock and Roll 1/2.  We can talk about that in the next week.

See you on Tuesday.


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