We’re always looking for input from the group on ways to make the workouts better.  I recently received this from a long time runner with the group:

“Should I consider doing a combined training program. This is not because I continue to have interest in attempting a marathon but more so for the camaraderie generated and very few people in the 5K group.  Is there a way to meet half way with both programs to prepare for a possible half marathon and also be able to run well in a 5k following the same training cycle?” Signed, Lonesome Wolf.

LW, Great questions.  Of course marathon training is great preparation for shorter distance races.  I personally have run some great races after marathon training.  In 1996, I ran the Wineglass Marathon.  The next week, I broke 15:00 for a fairly hilly 5k and 2 weeks later ran 23:55 for a cross country 8k.(BTW, the marathon went pretty poorly).  So, not being afraid to race going into and coming out of the marathon will yield some great results.

Feel free to do the marathon workouts and not run a marathon.  I always loved marathon training, but never really enjoyed the marathon.  Also, there are some good similarities between marathon and 1/2 marathon training.  As a matter of fact, we usually make some slight adjustments to the long run and some of the workouts for 1/2 marathoners.

Feel free to send me your questions for the blog.  I’d love to have a special guest blogger once or twice a month.

Here are the week’s workouts:

5k group-Tuesday  3-4 x 1600 w/100 jr at 10k pace. The jog should be 5 seconds faster than your pace per 200.  For example, if you’re running 6:00 pace, your 200 pace would be 45 seconds per 200 so your 100 jog would be 40 seconds.  See below about pacing.   Friday, 400, 300, 200 x 3 w/200JR between each and 400 jr between sets at 3k down to mile pace.  Saturday-12 miles.

Marathon and 1/2 marathon group-Tuesday 5-6 x 1600 w/100 JR at 10k pace.  See above about the recovery pace.  Get on pace right away.  Run even and don’t go crazy on the last one.  Friday-no workout.  Saturday-Marathoners 18 w/2 x 3 miles at 5-8 seconds faster than mp in the middle.  1/2 marathoners w/2 x 2 miles at 1/2 marathon pace in the middle.  Here’s the run:  Marathoners-meet at the club at 5:55-Run 4 miles and pick up the rest of the group at 6:30-Run Wylie.  Just run until you get the bottom of Wylie Road.  So, start the first mp segment on Creek Road.  Marathoners, take a mile between the pickups.  1/2 marathoners take 2 miles between.  That should get you finished somewhere on Miner Street.  Then run back.  I believe that it’s 14 from the club.

I look forward to your questions and possible guest bloggers.  See you on Tuesday.


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