We’re back on the track this week!  Some of you are a little sad, but most will be pretty happy.  We did get some good work done on the roads this summer.  People in the group are fit.

Great job by everyone who ran the Hotel Warner West Chester Mile on Thursday night.  We had a great turnout and some awesome races.  Things are already moving for next year.

The last Summer XC Series race is this Wednesday at 7:00PM at Oakbourne Park.  We have some classic OB weather brewing.  It should be nice and humid out there.  Just what the Dr. ordered.

Here is this week’s workouts:

Marathoners/Loopers:  Tuesday-5k, 2 mile at 10k pace with a 400JR.  Friday/Saturday-20 mile run with 2 x 4 miles of tempo with tempo being 10 seconds faster than marathon pace with 1 mile easy in between.  Do it starting at 9 miles.  If you’re just doing 15 of the Run the Loop do 15-16 with 1 x 4 miles of tempo.

Everyone else is going to get back to some classic strength workouts on Tuesday and some quicker stuff on Fridays.  Tuesday-8 x 600 w/200 JR at 5k pace.  Friday-3 x 5 x 200 w/100 JR(should be 30-40 seconds) and an 800 JR between sets at 2 mile pace.  You should be cruising them under control.

See you on Tuesday.


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