Summer is just about over.  Teachers start back to school this week.  Everyone else starts next week.  You may even have some college students who have started back.

I know some people hit the restart on New Year’s, but I really think now is the time to get back into it.  It’s a good time to get back into the rhythm of training.  You can really get back into good habits.  Get up, run, go to work, repeat.

I’d recommend picking a target race and getting after it with your training.

Here is this week’s workout schedule:

Run the Loop crew-Tuesday-3 x 2400 w/400 JR at 10k pace.  Friday-4 miles of tempo-1st mile on the track, then out to Fern Hill and then last part on the track.  Saturday-11 miles.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring a gu or two and some water to the workout.

Everyone else-Tuesday-1200, 400 x 3 w/200 jr after the 1200 and a 400 JR after the 400.  5k pace for the 1200 and 2 mile pace for the 400.  Friday-2400 of tempo and then 6 x 300 w/300 jr.  Quick.  Long run 8-10 miles.

See you in the morning.


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