Sorry for the lateness of this week’s blog.  Busy day.

Anyway, we’re back on the track this week.  The Tuesday workout will start at 5:50 at the track at Henderson.  If you’re parking at Henderson, please park in the student lot.  Here the week’s workouts:

Tuesday-Beginners-2 x 1600 with a 400 jog recovery

Intermediate-3 x 1600 with a 400 jog recovery

Advanced-4 x 1600 with a 400 jog recovery

The workout should be done at 5k pace.

Friday- 3 x 5 x 200 w/100 jr after each one and 600 between sets.  1st set at 3k pace, 2nd set slightly faster, 3rd set at mile pace.  One key is the recovery.  The 100 JR should be about 3-5 seconds less than the 200 time.  So, if you run your 200s in 33, your recovery would be 30.  Don’t walk the recoveries.

Saturday-Run 4 Richie on Saturday afternoon:  (this is a great race for a great cause.  Awesome Post party and fast course). or beginners-4 miles, AB-5 miles, Int-6-7 miles, AI-7-8 miles, Advanced-10-11 miles, AA-12-13 miles.  I would suggest Sunset Hollow loop with an add on at the beginning or end.

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