All of us go through injuries from time to time.  It’s a rare person who stays completely healthy, especially if you push yourself to try to get faster.

One key is to listen to your body.  Sometimes we try to be tougher than we should.  We try to run through things and end up making it worse.

With that being said, you can’t just stop running for every ache and pain. You have to be smart and listen to your body. Being able to manage your injuries is important.  One way to do that is by doing some strength training(this is really important as you get older and naturally lose muscle mass).

The other key component is getting some muscle work done regularly, not just when you’re injured.  We recommend Innovative Muscle Therapy as they really know their stuff.  The web site is

If someone tells you to “Be Smart”, you’re probably not being smart.  If someone comments, “Smart”,you’re probably being smart.

Here is this week’s workouts:

Tuesday-1000, 600 x 3 w/200JR.  1000 at 10k pace, 600 at 5k pace.

Long run-10-14 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


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