Good luck to everyone who follows us who is running tomorrow.  The Boston Marathon is a great event.  The weather doesn’t look great, but that’s out of your control.  If you trained well for the race this winter, you encountered less than ideal conditions.  Just get out there, trust your training and run smart.  In some ways, the cold and the wind can be a benefit.  It forces you to go out a little slow.  Boston is a course that can be negative split if you run it properly.

Everyone else, get online and set up the tracking of your favorites now.  If you have access to a computer during the day, get on it and watch the race.  The American women’s field is ridiculous.  I can’t wait to check it out during my lunch period.  With a head wind, the last 10k should be ridiculous. A big crowd should be in contention.

Here is the week’s training:

Tuesday-1600,800, 1600, 800, 1600 at 10k pace -5 seconds with a 200jr.  Friday-4 miles of tempo or weekend race.  It really is time to race if you’re running Broad Street.  Plus, it’s the spring, get out there and mix it up.  Here are the races that I would recommend:

Saturday-Run for Our Sons in Unionville, Collegium Charter Race, Race to Save the World(all on our web-site).

Sunday-Care to Carry On at the Zoo, Jaguar Jog in Garnet Valley and Billy Mock in Ridley Creek State Park.

If you’re racing, get a 4 mile warmup and 3 mile cool down in.

See you on Tuesday.


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