Great job by everyone who ran and/or helped out at Dub C on Friday.  We had a great crew led by Colleen Lynn’s come from behind win on the women’s side.

Distance Medley Relay is on Wednesday at 7:00PM at Henderson.  Here is the link to the teams:   It should be fun.  There should be some good races.  The order is 1200, 400, 800, 1600.  BTW, I love the DMR.

I wanted to talk about bouncing back from a bad race.  We all have them.  It’s never fun and you feel like you never want to race again afterwards.  You can react to a bad race in 3 ways:

1-Get real down on yourself and give up.

2-Get mad and come back with a vengeance.  Sometimes getting mad causes you to overdo it and you end up overtraining or getting hurt.

3-Learn from your mistakes.  Modify your training/race plan and come back stronger than ever.

There is always a reason for a bad race.  It could be things out of your control like weather, stress at the office, trouble at home.  Or, it could be things in your control like poor training, a bad race day meal, improper warm up, a bad race plan, being dishonest about your fitness level, etc.

If you’re smart, you look at what caused the bad race, evaluate that and move on.   That’s how you turn a bad race into a positive situation.

Here is this week’s training:

Tuesday-Striders, baton passing and core.  Make sure you get a good warm up in.  Last week went great.

Wednesday-DMR-Race starts at 7:00 at Henderson.  It will be one heat.  We’ll talk a little tactics on Tuesday morning.

Friday-Progression Run-3 miles-1 at marathon pace, 1 at tempo pace and 1 at 10k pace.

Saturday-1:39:00.  The long run should not be fast at this point.  I like how some people stopped at 90:00 this week and walked the rest of the way back.  That’s following the plan.

See you on Tuesday.


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