As most of you know, Brian’s Run is this Sunday, December 3 at 1:00PM at Henderson.  This was the first of the great races in West Chester.  At one time, it was considered one of the top 25 races in the country.

I first ran the race as a freshman at WC in 1982.  I didn’t know anything about it.  I just showed up and ran.  It was a 10k back then.  In the early 80s, the race got 3000+ people each year.  It was a great event.

When I was a junior, we ran as a 5 person centipede.  We dragged the middle guy up Tigue Road while he was dry heaving from a rough night out.  We still ran 34:00 in the centipede.

My best race there was in 1996, I ran 30:24 chasing Jerry O’Reilly and Jim Van Blunk up Tigue Road.  I couldn’t quite catch them, but it was a good effort.  The 10k course was pretty tough.

The most “fun” that I’ve had at this race was when we first opened the store in WC and I ran as Cooper Hatch.  The slogan was “beat the chicken and win a pair of socks”.  People were pissed to get rolled up on by the chicken going up Tigue Road.

Fast forward to now and the race has certainly lost some luster for lots of reasons.  One being that it’s tough and people don’t always want to hurt.  That doesn’t apply to most of the people reading this blog.

It’s another great cause this year.  So, sign up and get out there.  Here is the link to race information:

Workouts for the week:

1-No more Friday workouts until January.

2-We’ll keep the track workouts going for a few more weeks and then break until the hills start on January 2.

3-Tuesday-800, 1600, 3200 w/200 jr at 5k pace.  Go out too hard that first 800 and you’ll pay.  Long run-keep it at 8-12.

4-Race.  If Brian’s Run is too much for you, jump in Jingle Elf on Friday night, or better yet, do both.

See you out there.



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