Great toughness by those ran Boston on Monday.  As Mac said, “The conditions will get tougher as you get farther away from the race.”  It was pretty brutal. Awesome race by Desi Linden to keep plugging away and become the American women to win the women’s race in over 30 years.  That was exciting.

Broad Street runners, it’s crunch time.  This is the last hard week of training.  We’ll do some work this week, dial in on a pace and then back off a little next week.  Some of you are really starting to look fit.

For those of you new to Broad Street, make sure you get there in plenty of time to get an early subway.  Getting there late=traffic to the parking lot and super crowded train=extra stress.

Hydrating properly is tough also.  If you hydrate too much before you get on the subway, it’s a painful ride.  Under hydrating can make for a long race.  Like most things in life, timing is the key.

The first couple of miles of the race are really fast.  Expect to go out a little faster than race pace.  After that, it’s not as flat as it’s supposed to be.  Settle into your pace in the middle and be ready to blast the last mile as it’s pretty fast.

Good luck!

Here is the week’s workout schedule:

Tuesday-2-3 x 2400 w/400 JR at 5 seconds faster per mile than 10k pace.

Friday-5 miles of tempo on the track at Broad Street Pace.

Saturday-Long Run=10-12 miles.  My suggestion is South on New to Birmingham in Birmingham to 842.  Right on 842 to the club.  That would be a good one.

See you on Tuesday.



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