February 20, 2017

Broad Street Runners,

This is going to be your go to spot for Broad Street training over the next 10 weeks(Broad Street is 11 weeks from yesterday).  Good luck with your training!  Let us know if you have any questions.   I’ll put some definitions below.  Your mileage may not match up with the category that you think you belong.  That’s OK.  Feel free to mix and match.  Just don’t up your mileage or intensity too quickly.

B=Beginner(currently running 5 miles per week or less)

AB=Advanced beginner(6-15 miles per week)

I=Intermediate(15-25 miles per week)

AI-Advanced Intermediate(26-40 miles per week)

A=Advanced(40-55 miles per week)

AA=Advanced Advanced(55+ miles per week)

I’ll give the workouts for Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  You should fill in your mileage with the rest of your runs.  Take days off as you need.  The other days should be pretty easy(1:30-2:00 slower than Broad Street pace).  Your Saturday long run should be about the same.  Tempo runs at Broad Street pace.

Tuesday-B, AB-Just get out and get moving.  Warmup with the group and do 1 or 2 hills.  Short cooldown. All others-Long, Lafayette, Short hills x 3(If you’re new to the group, you’ll figure out the hill definitions).  Run hard up the hills, jog down.  Concentrate on good form and running fast up the hill.

Friday-B,AB, I-Easy run-2-6 miles.  Others-Good warmup to the track and then 2 miles of tempo, 200JR, then 600, 200 x 2 at 10 seconds faster per mile than 5k pace w/200 JR between each one and 400 between sets.

Saturday-Long run-B-2 miles, AB-4 miles, I-6 miles, AI-8 miles, A-11 miles, AA-13 miles.  Here is the main route leaving from the WCGCC at 6:30.  It’s 11.5 miles from the club.  You can add on before or after if necessary.  South on New Street until the end.  Right on Birmingham. Right on Sconnelltown.  Right on Price.  Left on New back to the club.  To take about 1 1/2 miles off, bear right on Thornbury after you cross 926.  Then go right on Birmingham.  Everything else stays the same. 8 would be about to 926 and back.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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