Broad Street Participants(and others),

I hope your training week went well.  Someone asked me, “How do I stay healthy while training for a 10 Miler’?

1-Be smart.  Listen to your body.  Don’t get into a situation where you’re racing workouts.

2-Add mileage slowly.  Add speed work even more slowly.  Most humans can ramp their mileage up reasonably quickly.  It’s when you start running your recovery days too fast and running too many workouts that you get injured.

3-Get in the habit of getting out for a run just about everyday.  Even if it’s for a 15:00 jog, it will benefit you.

Here is this week’s training:

Tuesday-Hill workout-meet at the corner of High and Biddle Streets around 5:47AM.  The workout starts at 5:50.  The workout is 4 x Long, short, short.  Jog down the hill for your recovery.  Concentrate on good running form and running fast up the hill.  Beginners and Advanced beginners should probably just do it once or twice.  Do what you think you’re ready for.  Don’t be a hero.

Friday-No workout.  Just run.

Saturday-St. Agnes 5k.  It’s important that you build some races into your schedule.  Especially if you have a real time goal for Broad Street and aren’t just looking to finish.  The first race that we’re looking at is the St. Agnes 5k this Saturday in downtown West Chester:  The downtown loop is a great test of your fitness.  We would expect that you would run about 15-20 seconds slower per mile at Broad Street than you’ll run here.

If you don’t run St. Agnes(or another race), you should run the same distance as last week’s long run.

See you in the morning.


     © 2015 CCRS

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