Great job at Broad Street between the Tuesday morning group and the Wednesday Knights, we had a ton of people out there.  Looking at the results, there were 850 people from West Chester.  We also had a bunch of people PR.  When you look at the results, you can see who trained smart and followed the training plan.  There were some surprising performances(some good, some bad), but mostly what you would expect on a nice morning.  It’s always fun being part of big longer race, if you PR or not.

Now, to take advantage of your fitness.  Recover this week.  If you’re not sore from the race, you didn’t race hard enough.  No workout on Tuesday, if you raced.  Come to the track and get some well deserved recognition, but don’t workout(also, don’t run the opposite way on the track-go out for a run.  It’s OK to have a couple of people jogging on the track, but a big group is a bit much). Friday, maybe workout-listen to your body.  Then, definitely race a lot over the next month.  I loved to race without working the week after a long race.  You extend the taper by a week and take full advantage of your fitness.  We may even offer a 5k on Saturday morning as part of the Warrior Classic.  It would be at 7:30.  I’ll let you know.  The track is fast.

BTW, ladies, you should be running the Mother’s Day 5k.  It’s a great event.  Even if you race on Saturday, you should come back and run that on Sunday, even if it’s with your daughter(s) or friends.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll get back into some pretty hard training in preparation for the Hoka One One PA Distance Festival and the Dub C 4 Miler. Then, we’ll start a marathon program for the Run the Loop Marathon in September and a mile training plan for the Hotel Warner West Chester Mile on August 10.  Both events will be rocking.

One of the keys going forward with the training is being consistent and always staying in shape. That way, each training cycle is a little shorter and less cumbersome. For example, you go into marathon training in good shape and then only have to do an 8 week training cycle instead of a 12 week or longer cycle. It’s definitely more beneficial. We’ll talk about that moving forward.

Here is this week’s workouts:

Tuesday-1600, 800, 1600, 800 w/200 JR at 5k pace.

Friday-Mile of tempo and then 8 x 200 w/200JR at 3k pace which is about 7-10 seconds faster per mile than 5k pace.  So, if you run 6:20 pace for 5k(about 19:40), your 3k pace would be about 6:10-6:13 so your 200s would be about 46.  It should be comfortably hard, not all out.

Saturday-6-8 miles or race.

See you on Tuesday,


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