I hope everyone is feeling good going into this week’s race.  If you’ve been training well and following the plan, you should be ready to go.  Be smart this week.  You can only hurt yourself by doing too much.  Follow the plan but also use some common sense as you head into Sunday.

Here are some tips to help you have a good experience:

1-Run smart.  The first couple of miles are fast so you will probably be a little faster than goal pace. Don’t go crazy though.  Miles 5-8 are tough grinders.  You’ll probably lose a couple of seconds there. Don’t get discouraged.  Just keep grinding through that stretch.  If you feel good at 8, you can really run some people down the last 2 miles.  That’s a always a good feeling.

2-If you can get someone to drive you to the start, do it.  The subway is terrible prep for a race.  If you’re taking the subway, make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time.  It’s better to get to the start a little early than a little late.  When you get to the start, stay hydrated.

3-Bring some throw away clothes to the start.  The temps look good for running, but cool for standing around.  You want to be warm at the start.  It looks like a chance of a little rain.  I’m sure that will change a few times as the week goes on.

4-Stick with your plan and don’t give up on it if you’re feeling bad.  Go in with the attitude that you’re not going to make any excuses.  Don’t blame the weather or staying up too late, etc.  Just go out and get the job done.

5-Hydrate, but don’t overdo it.  Having to take a bathroom break at the mile mark is not helpful.

Here’s a cool video circulating that might be a motivator(If you need it):

Here is this week’s training:

Tuesday-5 x 1000 w/200 JR. 1 at a couple of seconds over Broad Street pace, #2 and #3 at Broad Street pace, 4 and 5 at slightly faster than Broad Street Pace.  For example, if you’re trying to run 6:20 pace at Broad Street, you would run the workout at 3:58, 3:56, 3:56, 3:54. 3;52.  It should feel comfortably hard.  Do you math before you get to the track.

Friday-No workout.  Just easy running to prep for the race.  There will be a workout if you’re not running Broad Street.

Saturday-Easy 3-4 miles.

Good luck.  See you in the morning.


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