As we go through the coldest stretch of weather that we’ve had in a couple of years, I have some ideas on ways to get through it without losing too much fitness and staying healthy.

1-Dress properly.  Know the weather and how your body responds to it.  Layer up and cover the extremities.  Don’t overdress.  That can lead to a lot of problems.

2-Ease into your run.  Make sure you warm up well before doing anything too hard.  Don’t just hop out of the car and start the hill workout.  A short warm up in the cold is only going to lead to problems.

3-Slow down.  In icy, snowy conditions, it’s OK to run a little slower.  Look at the winter as base building time.  For most of us, there are not a lot of important races in the winter.

4-Target a race.  We all get a little lazy when we don’t have anything to shoot for.  Pick a winter race or two to keep your head in the game.

5-I hate to say it, but go inside occasionally.  I wouldn’t make a habit out of running on the treadmill or running in the halls but it can be a good diversion.   It’s nice to really sweat and to run in shorts.

6-Just get out the door.  For me, getting out the door in the morning is the hard part.  Once I get through the first 5:00, everything starts to heat up and I’m fine.  Some mornings, it’s tough.

7-Find a group or a partner.  If you’re running solo, it’s easier to bag it.  If you’re meeting someone or a group, it’s easier to get going.

8-With all this being said, in my 35 years in West Chester, I can’t remember it being too dangerously cold to get out and run.  A little black ice can stop you, but with the cold it’s all a matter of preparation.

We’re going to try to add a simple survey to the blog each week.  In most cases, it’s going to be a one question survey that should take less than :30.  We’re interested in your thoughts on things.  This week’s survey is on your favorite race distance:   Thanks in advance for answering it.

Hill workouts start this week.  We’ll meet at Biddle and High Street for the next 8-10 weeks.  The hill workout will start at 5:50AM.  So, plan on meeting at 5:45-5:47 so I can explain the workout and we’ll get going.  Tell your friends, everyone is welcome regardless of ability.

Here is the hill workout terminology:

Regular-From High to just over the crest of the hill at Matlack Street(just over 2 blocks)

Short-High to Walnut Street

Long-High to Matlack to Lafayette to Walnut.

Here is this Tuesday’s workout:  4 x Regular, 4 x short with a jog(not a race) recovery to the bottom.  Focus on good form.

Let’s try to get a little length on our long run this week.  Add 2 miles to your previous longest run in the last month.

See you on Tuesday.


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