Congrats to everyone who ran Broad Street.  It was a little humid, but not bad.  Recover and then get ready for the 5k or mile at the PA Distance Festival on June 1.  Don’t workout Tuesday, but come out for your accolades.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the Henderson Invitational on Friday.  There were some great races.  The highlight for me was Ce’Aira Brown of the NJNY Track Club running 1:59.70 to break 2:00 for the first time and run the fastest time in the US this season.  Pretty cool that it happened on our track.

It is absolutely time to race.  We have some good ones coming up:

This Sunday is the Mother’s Day 5k in West Chester.  It’s the only all women’s race in Chester County.  Here is the registration link:

It’s always a fun time.

Next Sunday, 5/20, is one of my personal favorites, the #Scott Strong 5k at Rustin.  The course is great.  Scott Elliott was a great leader in the swimming community.  He coached at GRA and Greenwoods.  Personally, he had a very positive impact on Caitlin as a swimmer and a person.  He lost his battle with cancer last summer.  His spirit lives on in the hearts of a lot of people.  Last year, this group went 1-5 in the race.  Here is the registration link:

Finally, the Levante 5k and Burkholder Brothers Triple Threat Relay in Sunday, May 27.  We have a 3 person relay where each person runs 1.04 miles and then hands off to the next person.  Following that is a 5k.  The timing is such that you can do both.  All participants get a pint glass and those who are 21 can redeem your number for a free beer after the race.  This is a blast.  Here is the registration link:

There are a lot of other good races out there.

Here is the week’s training:

Tuesday-1600, 800, 400, 800, 1600 w/200 jr.  the 1600s at 10k pace, the 800s at 5k pace and the 400 at 2 mile pace.  Going to fast early could make this a sufferfest.

Friday-8 x 300 w/80wr, 20jr at mile pace.


See you on Tuesday.


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