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                   COVENTRY WOODS TRAIL SERIES - RACE #3
                               JULY 17, 2016
Place No.   Name                Age Div/Tot  Sex/Tot  S Div   Time    Pace     
===== ===== =================== === ======== ======== = ===== ======= ===== 
    1  1991 Jake O'Neill         17   1/7      1/48   M M1519   47:10  7:36 
    2  2983 Tyler Alansky        19   2/7      2/48   M M1519   49:13  7:56 
    3  2682 Ryan Barton          17   3/7      3/48   M M1519   49:42  8:00 
    4  2982 Drew Alansky         17   4/7      4/48   M M1519   49:59  8:03 
    5  1980 Annie Goldek         17   1/1      1/13   F F1519   50:56  8:12 
    6  1951 Chris Poulos         17   5/7      5/48   M M1519   51:01  8:13 
    7  2687 Derek Schultz        38   1/15     6/48   M M3039   54:00  8:42 
    8  1954 Michael McDonnell    32   2/15     7/48   M M3039   55:12  8:54 
    9  1441 Josh Roberts         38   3/15     8/48   M M3039   55:45  8:59 
   10  1986 Patrick Shea         40   1/12     9/48   M M4049   56:48  9:09 
   11  4488 Ted Banet            45   2/12    10/48   M M4049   57:08  9:12 
   12  1992 Erik Walker          34   4/15    11/48   M M3039 1:01:06  9:50 
   13  1455 Chuck Simpson        45   3/12    12/48   M M4049 1:01:13  9:52 
   14  2993 Seth Keiffer         37   5/15    13/48   M M3039 1:01:40  9:56 
   15  2688 Todd McKenna         46   4/12    14/48   M M4049 1:02:22 10:03 
   16  2689 Chris Linn           45   5/12    15/48   M M4049 1:03:02 10:09 
   17  1955 Samantha Pegler      22   1/2      2/13   F F2029 1:03:54 10:18 
   18  1978 Kyle Russell         15   6/7     16/48   M M1519 1:04:36 10:24 
   19  1997 Raelene Moore        50   1/4      3/13   F F5059 1:05:01 10:28 
   20  4467 Keith Petyo          32   6/15    17/48   M M3039 1:05:08 10:29 
   21   964 Geoff Ball           39   7/15    18/48   M M3039 1:05:39 10:34 
   22  1983 Brandon Stauffer     30   8/15    19/48   M M3039 1:06:43 10:45 
   23   945 Dan Flickinger       44   6/12    20/48   M M4049 1:06:55 10:47 
   24  1982 Carl Stauffer        44   7/12    21/48   M M4049 1:07:11 10:49 
   25  1998 Tom Howe             50   1/7     22/48   M M5059 1:07:27 10:52 
   26  2989 Kristi Goodwin       33   1/3      4/13   F F3039 1:07:29 10:52 
   27  1979 Kevin Russell        43   8/12    23/48   M M4049 1:07:31 10:52 
   28  1988 Lance Lut            46   9/12    24/48   M M4049 1:07:33 10:53 
   29  1984 Dave Leister         30   9/15    25/48   M M3039 1:07:39 10:54 
   30  1953 Jamie Zimmerman      38   2/3      5/13   F F3039 1:07:43 10:54 
   31  1989 Brooks Kirsch        36  10/15    26/48   M M3039 1:09:51 11:15 
   32  2690 Becky Smith          54   2/4      6/13   F F5059 1:10:10 11:18 
   33  2681 Maxwell Myhre        13   1/3     27/48   M M0114 1:10:14 11:19 
   34  2683 Bruce McLaughlin     59   2/7     28/48   M M5059 1:11:46 11:33 
   35  2000 Steve Clarke         57   3/7     29/48   M M5059 1:14:43 12:02 
   36  1981 Greg Gettinger       55   4/7     30/48   M M5059 1:15:41 12:11 
   37  2985 Eric Dougherty       45  10/12    31/48   M M4049 1:17:13 12:26 
   38  1993 Paul Makurath        70   1/2     32/48   M M6099 1:18:58 12:43 
   39  4462 Marquis Cox          21   1/2     33/48   M M2029 1:20:04 12:54 
   40  1996 Donald Moore         48  11/12    34/48   M M4049 1:20:59 13:02 
   41  1985 Eric Pburen          50   5/7     35/48   M M5059 1:21:25 13:07 
   42  1977 Rob Greve            51   6/7     36/48   M M5059 1:21:29 13:07 
   43  4447 Aneesa Romans        31   3/3      7/13   F F3039 1:23:54 13:31 
   44   944 John Clark           57   7/7     37/48   M M5059 1:24:04 13:32 
   45  1949 Donna Ornosky        54   3/4      8/13   F F5059 1:24:14 13:34 
   46  2686 Paul Fetterolf       68   2/2     38/48   M M6099 1:25:58 13:51 
   47  1452 Denyne Potts         43   1/2      9/13   F F4049 1:27:20 14:04 
   48  4351 Jason Tolley         38  11/15    39/48   M M3039 1:27:22 14:04 
   49  1457 Andrea Olock         52   4/4     10/13   F F5059 1:28:36 14:16 
   50  1999 Ashok Pavolori       34  12/15    40/48   M M3039 1:28:39 14:17 
   51  1987 Patrick Goodwin      34  13/15    41/48   M M3039 1:30:14 14:32 
   52  1994 Matthew Karounos     10   2/3     42/48   M M0114 1:32:32 14:54 
   53  1995 Bill Karounos        39  14/15    43/48   M M3039 1:32:33 14:54 
   54  2995 Jeff Kolsky          33  15/15    44/48   M M3039 1:32:36 14:55 
   55  1990 Tarah Hartwell       15   7/7     45/48   M M1519 1:35:42 15:25 
   56  2987 Scott Eriksen        29   2/2     46/48   M M2029 1:41:03 16:16 
   57  2986 Morgan Eriksen       27   2/2     11/13   F F2029 1:41:05 16:17 
   58  4500 Ryan Trimble         12   3/3     47/48   M M0114 1:41:45 16:23 
   59  2684 Jen Trimble          40   2/2     12/13   F F4049 1:42:20 16:29 
   60  2685 Sarah Trimble        10   1/1     13/13   F F0114 1:43:34 16:41 
   61  4342 Ron Trimble          40  12/12    48/48   M M4049 1:43:38 16:41 

                   COVENTRY WOODS TRAIL SERIES - RACE #3
                               JULY 17, 2016

                   ********** AWARDS LIST **************

               ********** FEMALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********
    1  1980 Annie Goldek         17   50:56  8:12 
                ********** MALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********
    1  1991 Jake O'Neill         17   47:10  7:36 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  1 - 14
    1   100  2685 Sarah Trimble        10 1:43:34 16:41 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  1 - 14
    1    73  2681 Maxwell Myhre        13 1:10:14 11:19 
    2    92  1994 Matthew Karounos     10 1:32:32 14:54 
    3    98  4500 Ryan Trimble         12 1:41:45 16:23 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  15 - 19
                          MALE AGE GROUP  15 - 19
    1    33  2983 Tyler Alansky        19   49:13  7:56 
    2    36  2682 Ryan Barton          17   49:42  8:00 
    3    37  2982 Drew Alansky         17   49:59  8:03 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  20 - 29
    1    57  1955 Samantha Pegler      22 1:03:54 10:18 
    2    97  2986 Morgan Eriksen       27 1:41:05 16:17 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  20 - 29
    1    79  4462 Marquis Cox          21 1:20:04 12:54 
    2    96  2987 Scott Eriksen        29 1:41:03 16:16 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  30 - 39
    1    66  2989 Kristi Goodwin       33 1:07:29 10:52 
    2    70  1953 Jamie Zimmerman      38 1:07:43 10:54 
    3    83  4447 Aneesa Romans        31 1:23:54 13:31 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  30 - 39
    1    40  2687 Derek Schultz        38   54:00  8:42 
    2    43  1954 Michael McDonnell    32   55:12  8:54 
    3    44  1441 Josh Roberts         38   55:45  8:59 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  40 - 49
    1    87  1452 Denyne Potts         43 1:27:20 14:04 
    2    99  2684 Jen Trimble          40 1:42:20 16:29 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  40 - 49
    1    47  1986 Patrick Shea         40   56:48  9:09 
    2    48  4488 Ted Banet            45   57:08  9:12 
    3    50  1455 Chuck Simpson        45 1:01:13  9:52 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  50 - 59
    1    59  1997 Raelene Moore        50 1:05:01 10:28 
    2    72  2690 Becky Smith          54 1:10:10 11:18 
    3    85  1949 Donna Ornosky        54 1:24:14 13:34 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  50 - 59
    1    65  1998 Tom Howe             50 1:07:27 10:52 
    2    74  2683 Bruce McLaughlin     59 1:11:46 11:33 
    3    75  2000 Steve Clarke         57 1:14:43 12:02 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  60 - 99
                          MALE AGE GROUP  60 - 99
    1    78  1993 Paul Makurath        70 1:18:58 12:43 
    2    86  2686 Paul Fetterolf       68 1:25:58 13:51 
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