It’s time for the Philly Crew to shine.  You’ve done all of the training, now just make it happen on race day.  Here are some tips for the week:

1-Don’t overdo it and don’t under do it.  Just follow the plan.  You should feel a little raggedy at the end of the week from not running very much.  That’s a good thing.  You should feel a little rough the first couple of miles.  That’s good.  That’s a sign that you’re fit.  It takes a little while to get to feeling good.

2-Only worry about the things you can control-Your running this week and your hydration and diet.  Don’t worry about the weather or other people.  Just be ready to do your thing.

3-Decide your race plan and stick with it.  Don’t be impulsive on race day until the last 1/4 of the race.  Don’t spend the week worrying about your race plan.  Decide early then don’t think about it until the end of the week.

4-Decide your hydration/nutrition plan early and stick with it.  Plan for having the right amount of gels with you.  Don’t count on the race to take care of you.

5-Come up with a good dress plan and lay it out the night before.  Put your number on your singlet the night before.

6-Have a good travel to the race plan.  The beauty of Philly is that it’s easy to get to.  Plan to get there early enough to not have to worry about traffic.

7-Have fun.  It’s fun being fit and being able to show off your fitness level.

Here is the week’s workouts:

5k/10k-Tuesday-800, 300 x 4 w/200 jr after the 800 and a 300 jr after the 300.  800 at 5k pace and 300 at 2 mile pace(or run the 3200 at Henderson on Wednesday evening).  Friday-3 x 3 x 400 w/200 jr, 600 jr between sets.  at mile + 3 seconds pace.

1/2 marathoners-Monday-4-5, Tuesday-4 x 800 at 1/2 marathon pace with a 200jr.  Wednesday-4-5, Thursday-off.  Friday-3 mile shakeout.

Marathoners-Monday-6-7, Tuesday-3 x 1600 at MP +5, MP, MP-5 w/100jr.  Wednesday-off, Thursday-5-6, Friday-Off, Saturday-easy 3.

See you on Tuesday.


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