Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Elliott Family at the Scott Strong 5k at Rustin this morning.  Scott was a great guy and that’s a charity that is near and dear to my heart.  I really appreciate it.  Plus, we raced our ***es off.  If it wasn’t for the Henderson boys, we would have really dominated.

Remember, June 1, PADF.  You can go 800, mile or 5k.  Our training really points to the 5k.

I think I mentioned last week that we’re running a Distance Medley Relay at Henderson on June 13 at 7PM.  It’s being set up as the Tuesday Crew vs. the Knights, but anyone who reads this can put a team together.  The categories are open, master’s and female.  For the Tuesday crew, I’ll bring a sign up sheet to the track on Tuesday.  You can sign up and then I’ll make up the teams and post them on here later this week.  For those of you new to the DMR game, the legs are 1200, 400, 800 and 1600 in that order.

Here is this week’s workout schedule:

Tuesday-1200(at 5k pace), 200 jr, 300(at 3k pace) x 3 w/500 jr between sets.

Friday-If you’re running the mile at PADF-1 mile of tempo w/300 jr and then 6 x 300 w/500 jr at 3 seconds faster per 300 then mile pace.  So, if you’re in 5:00 mile shape, you would run your 300s in 53.  It should be hard, but not destroy.    If you’re running the 5k at the PADF, 1 mile of tempo w/200jr and then 3 x 600 w/400JR at 5 seconds faster per mile than 5k pace.  So, if you’re trying to run 5:55 pace for the 5k, you would run at 5:50 pace which is 2:10 for your 600s.  Again, hard, but not brutal.

Sunday-Burkholder Brothers Triple Threat Relay and Levante 5k.  Put a team together and run a 3 x 1.04 mile relay or run the 5k or run both.  It could be a great family event.  Most of your kids can run a mile.

See you on Tuesday.


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