Great job at the ScottStrong race on Sunday for Scott Elliott and his family.  Almost 500 people showed up. It was a great day. Dominating performance by WCRC going 1-5.

When we think of doubling, a couple of things come to mind:

1-Running twice a day.  I’m a big fan of the double.  When I was younger, I would double 3-4 times per week.  As I get older, I still like to throw in the occasional double, especially if I’m having a bad week.  It can get you some good momentum.  If you take it as a recovery run, it can help you feel better on your other runs.

2-Running two races at one event.  If you were a high school or college track athlete, you probably doubled regularly.  Sometimes, that 1st race wakes you up and gets you ready to run fast in the 2nd one.  Sometimes the first race puts you in a lot of discomfort and causes the 2nd race to be a nightmare.  My best double was at the Haddonfield Mile and 5k in 1997.  I ran 4:18(got outkicked) in the mile and then came back 10:00 later and ran 14:47 for 5k and beat some good guys.  I did get outkicked by the same guy.  My worst double-PSAC champs my junior year in college.  Ran decent in the steeple and then came back and completely suffered in the 5k.  I forget what I ran, but it was ugly.

We have a rare opportunity to double at a road race this weekend.  The Burkholder Brothers Triple Threat Relay and Levante 5k is this Sunday at Levante Brewing Company.  The relay is a 3 person relay with each person running one loop which is about 1.035 miles.  That starts at 10:30.  The 5k is 3 loops starting at 11.  Everyone gets a custom pint glass.  Everyone who is 21 or older will get a free beer with their entry after the race.  The course is flat.  It will be a fun event.  Here are registration details:

Here are this week’s workouts:

Tuesday-1600, 800, 400, 800, 1600 at 5k pace with a 200 Jog recovery.  The tough part here will be the 2nd 1600.

Friday-1600 of tempo and then 8 x 200 with a 200 jog recovery.

Saturday-7-10 miles.  If you’re racing on Sunday, I would be more towards 7.  If no race, get to 10.

See you in the morning.


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