Great job this weekend at the PA Distance Festival and Girls on the Run.  We have a lot of fit people out there.  The beauty of racing on the track is that it tells you the truth about your fitness.

The Dub C 4 Miler is this Friday.  It’s a blast.  I love a Friday night race, especially one in town.  You run hard over a challenging course and then you have a cold beverage or two to refresh yourself.  It’s great way to spend a Friday evening.  Get signed if you’re not already signed up.

As we move forward with the training, we’ll have a little more differentiation in the training groups.  We’ll haves ome people training for the Run the Loop Marathon in early September and then another group training for the Hotel Warner West Chester Mile in August.  Both are great events, but the training will be pretty different.

We do have a number of people who are going to run 15-18 miles at Run the Loop as part of their training for the Philly Marathon.  We’ll go with a 6 week training cycle, taper for a week, recover for a week to 10 days and then have about 8 weeks of training for Philly.

It’s going to be a fun summer of training.  We have some really good groups out there.

Tuesday’s workout:

4 x 1200 at 10k pace with a 200JR.  Nothing too severe as you want to feel good on Friday night.

Saturday-8-12 miles.

See you in the morning.


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