All of us have egos when it comes to our running.  We show our egos in a variety of ways.

When I was younger my ego showed up in a couple of ways.  One was that if a run got rolling, and I didn’t have anything of particular importance coming up, I was not afraid to push the pace.  If someone pushed the pace or was 1/2 stepping on a run, the pace would get fast quickly.  Usually, it was just enough to make that person suffer.  I learned over the years, to not worry about what other people were doing and just do my own thing.  I find that when you’re coming back from an injury or illness, you’ll push a run just to gain some confidence.

My other thing was that I truly believed if I was doing workouts with a group and I was hanging in workouts that I would be able to beat the people in that group in a race.  It worked for awhile.

It’s good to have a little bit of an ego.  No matter what you say, we all have it.  You have to be careful of letting your ego get the best of you by convincing you to do things that are not going to improve your running.

We all get into runs where we know that we should just back off and take it easy.  We get sucked into a hard run and it’s counter productive.  My junior year in college, we would hammer the Tuesday(easy day) run to the point that I would actually be a little nervous about the run.  You’d have to decide if you were going to hammer right away.  We did some really hard runs between the workout days which led to us sucking at the end of the season because we were just destroyed from all of the hard running.  The next year, we started taking the recovery days easy and it was much more productive.

Anyway, try to keep your ego under control and work with the group, but stay within yourself.

Heat and humidity won out over cold in last week’s survey by about 12%.  Thanks to all who responded.  This week’s survey concerns adults who follow the blog:

Here is the workout schedule for the week:

Tuesday-Last day of Striders and core.

Thursday/Friday-Either run Summer XC at Oakbourne Park on Thursday(BTW-to go back to the Survey, the post race situation will be at Levante) or 3 mile tempo run on Friday morning.  Let’s start bringing some water and practice taking it during the run.  Here is the link to Summer XC:

Saturday-2 hours.  This should not be hard, just a good easy run.  We want you to get the time on your feet.

Sunday-Levante Series- 10:30 at Levante-  This should be fun.  Here is the registration link:

See you on Tuesday,


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