Frequently Asked Questions

To look up the participant list for any race, click on the “REGISTER” button for that event. On the registration page you will find a blue tab labeled, “Find a Participant.” Click there and you will be able to search the list of registered runners. This applies to runners who registered through our site. If you didn’t get a confirmation email, chances are that your email address was typed into the software erroneously.

Race registration fees are non-refundable. If you already registered and will not be racing with us on race day, you are still welcome to pick up your packet (shirt, bib, goody bag) during advanced or race day packet pick up.

Transferring from distance to distance on the same race day can be done through the registration site directly for no additional fee other than the difference in pricing, if any. Log in to and click on the appropriate ‘Transfer’ tab at the top of the page.

Transfer Race “How To”

Occasionally races will offer advanced packet pick-up, if that is the case we highly recommend you take advantage of that option. Otherwise there is almost always same day pick up available, usually starting 60-90 minutes before the first race starts.
Avoid the lines; pick up early! It’s not a secret…it makes race day run smoother for everyone when you pick up your gear in advance. Can’t make it to advanced packet pick up? Send a friend, family member or teammate! We will allow others to pick up for you.

If you can’t make it to advanced packet pick up and have to miss out on the race, you will forfeit your packet. It will not be held for you to pick up, nor will it be mailed to you under any circumstances.

If you can’t run for any reason, please feel free to still pick up your packet at advanced packet pick up or on race day.

Some races will offer special pricing for groups or teams. When available this is typically how it works.

When you have a group of five or more, everyone saves $5! The way this works is as follows:

  • Participant 1: Signs up first at full price and creates a TEAM. You will have to create a team name and a password so that only your group can sign up with you. (Click here for info on how to create a team.)
  • Participants 2 through 4: Register like normal making sure to join the team, at full price.
  • Participant 5 and on: Signs up, joining the team as well, and notices their registration is $5 cheaper at checkout. Awesome, right?
  • Then, a $5 refund is automatically applied to participants 1 through 4
    (assuming they paid at least $5.00 for the race)

Some races offer the option to purchase a “Gift Certificate” for their specific race.
When available this option will show up in the menu, you’ll click “Gift Certificate” and fill out the info. You’ll be asked to put in the recipient’s email address.

The recipient will receive an email that says,
“[NAME] has bought you a $100.00 gift certificate for the following race:
Race: [Race Name]Event: [Event Name]To register, go to [Race link]On the payment screen, enter the gift code ‘[WXYZ]’ ”

If you want this to be a SURPRISE gift, put in YOUR email address and you can print or forward that email later to the recipient. You can only buy gift certificates to individual, specific races.

If you want to buy a general RunCCRS Race gift certificate to use on ANY RunCCRS owned race, we do make exceptions, but you have to email us at

If someone bought you a gift certificate to a specific race, you should have received an email with a registration link and a gift code to enter on the payment page.
Start the registration process by entering all your info and when you get to the payment page, enter your gift code in the box labeled “Gift Certificate” and hit “apply.” You’ll see your remaining balance on the right and you can finish the payment process.

Did you know you can easily manage your own RunSignUp profile and race registration? You can change your shirt size, transfer race distance and set up notification preferences!

Update your personal info (fix a typo in your name, change your email address, etc):
Modify Profile

Update your shirt size (your “giveaway”):
Change “Giveaway”

Change distances for the same race date (Run Sign Up, our registration platform, refers to the distance you run as the “event”). If you want to transfer to an entirely different race day, see our transfer policy to the left.
Transfer to another “event”

Did you accidentally delete your confirmation email with all the race details or need a receipt? No worries! You can send yourself a new one:
Resend Confirmation Email/Receipt

Did you know we’ll send your race result via email or test message for FREE? It’s pretty sweet! When we are chip timing, this will be in real-time! Awesome, huh? Find out how to enable Text Message and Email Results Notifications. (You won’t get spammed, this is for results only):
Enable Results Notifications


For most events, the answer is yes – as long your dog is kept on a leash which is short enough to not interfere with the other runners.  Dogs are prohibited in some races which are held on ROADS in which we share the roadway with automobiles or if there is an extremely narrow section of an out and back course.  You’ll be able to find details about this on each event’s ‘Course Information’ page.


For most events, the answer is yes.  Strollers are prohibited in some races which are held on ROADS in which we share the roadway with automobiles or if there is an extremely narrow section of an out and back course.  You’ll be able to find details about this on each event’s ‘Course Information’ page.


The race will not be postponed or cancelled due to weather unless something SEVERE is happening such as lightning storm, tornado or white-out conditions.  If that is the case, announcements will be made on our Facebook page and on the race web page in addition to racer email communication.  99.9% of the time, the race will go on as scheduled.


We measure each of our courses using both a Jones Counter (USATF standard) and a bicycle computer.  When doing so, we cut each tangent as much as possible.  When a GPS device pings back and forth to the satellite, it struggles with significant elevation shifts and multiple turns.  So, it is likely that in a course with a lot of hills and or turns, your GPS may read SHORT of the actual distance.  In a relatively flat course, oftentimes a GPS device will read LONG as you may have weaved around other runners or made wider turns than the shortest tangents.

We’ve found some apps/wearable devices that tend to be more accurate than others when it comes to tracking your distance! Garmin brand GPS watches have received the most accurate reviews from our staff and ambassadors. Phone-based apps such as Charity Miles and Strava also receive high marks from our group.

When available – we recommend using the FREE Race Joy GPS Tracking App which is TAILORED to our race course and includes notifications for you regarding upcoming water stations or if you’re going off-course! Friends and family can follow you on the app from their phones and send you LIVE CHEERS during your run as well!” You must run with your phone for this to work.