I hope everyone is enjoying the nice temps.  It was a little soggy today, but good to get out in shorts.

Also, what a Super Bowl!!  That and the parade were unbelievable.  I hope you got to enjoy that with your family.

When you have a big race coming up, it’s always good to get a plan and, mostly, follow it.  If you write things down(or have someone write them down for you), it can be very helpful.  If it looks pretty logical, without too much progression too quickly, it will probably make sense to follow.

As with all plans, adjustments have to be made for life.  Maybe, you’re having a crazy week at work or home, adjust things accordingly.  Don’t let having to follow every run in detail cause you additional stress.

When I come up with a training plan, a lot of factors go into it.  I want it to be hard enough to be challenging, but not so as to cause injury and over training.  I also write down the plan for a particular training cycle and then make adjustments to it as we go.  We used to just publish the training for a particular race.  I like how we’ve started using the blog to make adaptations to the training.

I look at the plans that some people have and it’s clearly too much for them.  They always seem dead at the end of workouts and more importantly in the races.  They also repeat the same mistakes over and over.  You have to be able to make adaptations to your training.

Here is this week’s training:

5k/10k group-Tuesday-Hill workout 4 regular, 3 long and 2 short.  Friday-4 miles cutdown starting at 1/2 marathon pace and taking off :10 per mile or Winter Series on Sunday:

Sevilla Marathon-Tuesday-10 x 1k w/100JR at 3:57-4:00.  Friday-5 mile cutdown starting at MP and taking :10 off per mile.  Long warmup and cooldown to get to 14 as your long run.  Thursday-Easy 5.  Sunday-Easy 6.

One City Marathon-Tuesday-10 x 1k w/100JR in 3:57-4:00.  Friday-5 mile cutdown starting at MP and taking :10 off per mile.  Long warmup and cooldown to get to 16 as your long run.  Monday-Easy 6.  Thursday-Easy 7.  Saturday or Sunday-Easy 8.

B & A Marathon-Tuesday-8 x 1k w/100JR at 10k pace.  Keep the jog honest. Friday- 4 mile cutdown starting at MP and taking of :10 per mile.  Get to 14 for your long run.  Everything else should be easy.

B & A 1/2-Same.

See you on Tuesday(Track crew will start at 5:35).


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