Running Clothes and Gear

At the Chester County Running Store, we understand just how important running gear is to each individual. Depending upon the weather and time of day you are running, your needs will vary. We hand pick each item we carry and choose many colors and styles of gear in order to allow runners to customize their outfits. We carry various brands which include; Nike, Brooks, Asics, Saucony, Sugoi and Mizuno. Almost all of the clothes are made out of technical fabric. This helps to regulate your body temperature by wicking moisture away from your body as you sweat. Our gear selection usually varies by season. For example, in the summer, we mainly carry shorts, tanks, singlets and light weight gear for hot, humid weather. In the fall and winter, we sell running tights, tech shirts made for layering, outer wear to protect you from the elements and reflective clothes and accessories. We also have a huge selection of water belts, bottles, braces and supports.

Men’s and Women’s Apparel

  • Shorts-a selection for both men and women, usually with a liner and available in various weights and materials
  • Skirts-for women runners, include either a liner or built-in shorts
  • Tights-for both men and women during the colder months of the year
  • Tees-for both men and women, made of technical material to wick moisture
  • Tanks-singlets for men and women and tank tops which contain built-in bras for women
  • Bras-a selection of seamless bras and moisture wicking bras for all shapes and sizes
  • Long Sleeved Technical Shirts-very thin under layers made to keep runners dry and comfortable
  • Jackets-each one varies slightly form the next, but all are made with the intention of protecting runners from the elements, and keeping the runner warm without overheating
  • Reflective Jackets-these are usually made of a thinner material and designed to be the outermost layer and intended to keep runners visible to oncoming traffic in the dark
  • Compression Shorts-designed for added support
  • Socks-made of a special technical material specifically designed to wick moisture away from the feet and keep them dry

Gear and Accessories

  • Arch Supports-various brands and sizes allow each runner to find the perfect support and cushion for their feet
  • Reflective Accessories-tape, vests, jackets and tees all made with the night-time runner in mind, allows the runner to be visible to traffic
  • Watches and Monitors-an assortment of brands and styles all made to help runners track their runs and monitor their heart rate
  • Head Gear-a copious selection of hats, fleece caps, visors, ear warmers, all designed to keep the sun out of the runner’s eyes or to keep heat in during the winter months
  • Compression Gear-tight fitting shorts, socks, pants and even calf compressions all aid in recovery after a run by increasing blood flow to the extremities
  • Gloves-many different styles and materials all designed to keep the hands warm
  • Water Bottles and Belts-various devices make it easy for all runners to stay properly hydrated on long runs, during speed work and throughout the day
  • Race Belts-thin, stretchy belt made to hold race numbers and a few packs of energy products
  • Running Wash-stinky clothes? Sport-wash gets the odors out of running clothes without ruining the technical material
  • Braces and Supports-made for various injuries and available in all different sizes

Energy Products

We carry a wide range of energy products from gels and bars to specialty drinks designed for pre and post-run. A few of the brands that we always have in stock include; Power Bar; bars, gels and drinks, GU; gels, and Cliff Bar; bars, gels and shot blocks. Each of the bars, gels and drinks come in various flavors, caffeine levels and sodium levels in order to better serve each runner’s needs.

Energy products are designed to aid a runner’s training needs. These products are formulated to be easily digestible when used before or during a run. These products also help to replenish energy stores after a long run or tough workout.


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