Not much to say this week.  We’re looking for a big win for the Eagles this week.  I’m saying 34-13.

You can start your day and get the momentum going by jumping in the Super Bowl 5k on Sunday at 2:00.  Registration is at Kildare’s starting at around 1.  It will make the rest of the day a whole lot better.

Here is this week’s training:

Tuesday-Hills-4 x long, short.  Or, track(maybe, depending on the weather-it may move to road track on Wednesday)-5 x 1200 w/100jr at 10k pace.

Friday-3 miles of tempo or race on Sunday.

Saturday-2/24 marathoners-6 miles easy, 10 miles of tempo and then 4 easy.  3/4 marathoners- 6 easy, 8 miles of tempo-4 easy.  4/8 marathoners- 6 easy, 5 of tempo, 4 easy.  Let’s talk about getting some of that on the track as the week evolves.  We’ll see what things are looking like.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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