I know that my mantra is, and will be, to keep yourself under control in workouts and early in races.  That is the way to ultimately be successful.  We know that hammering workouts and runs and falling apart during runs because you went out too hard just teaches you to practice falling apart.  It doesn’t make you a better runner.

With that being said, it’s fun to hammer a run or a workout sometimes.  Some of my favorite runs over the years have been just going out on a run, feeling good and crushing it(and crushing whoever I was running with).  That’s just good clean fun.

When I was a junior in college, we would workout on Monday and Wednesday, race on Saturday.  Tuesday was supposed to be a recovery day-8-10 miles easy.  It turned into a slugfest.  I would actually get nervous about what to do on Tuesdays.  I was a little insecure so I hammered.  By the end of the year, we were all toast and stunk it up at the Championship Meets.

I was a little smarter my senior year.  A couple of us would go easy on Tuesday and we ran pretty well.  The guys who hammered all the time didn’t beat me at all that year.

Am I contradicting myself?  Yes.  While it’s fun to hammer, doing it on easy days and workouts every week is counter productive.  I’d prefer you save it for race day.  If you follow the training plan, you should feel good going into your focus race this fall.

With all that being said, welcome back to the vacationers and let’s get ready to get after it.

Here is the week’s training:

Tuesday-Marathon/Half marathoners-7 x 1000m w/200 JR at 10k pace.(Run the loopers-last hard workout)  5k/5 Milers-5 x 1000 w/200JR at 10k pace.

Friday-Run the loopers-5 miles of Cutdown-Starting at MP and taking off 15 seconds per mile.  Marathoner/Half Marathoners-70:00 with the 2 miles of cutdown(same paces).  5k/5 milers-3 miles cutdown.

Saturday-RTL-1:45:00.  Others-2:20 w/3 x 20:00 at MP minus 5 seconds with 5:00 in between starting at the hour mark.  5k-80:00.

Just a note-We’ll change the workout schedule slightly for NY/BC and Philly starting in early October.  There will still be a lot of similarities.

Let me know if you have any questions.  See you on Tuesday.


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