Dear Runners,

It looks like we’re set up for a good stretch of weather over the next 10+ days.  Take advantage of it.  Broad Street is 4 weeks from yesterday.

I just wanted to talk briefly about GPS watches.

They can be a great tool for your training.  You get a lot of feedback.  It’s fun to say, “I did 10 miles at 7:00 pace” or whatever.

Be careful though.  They’re not 100% accurate.  You can be fooled into thinking you’re more fit than you are.  I see the times that some people are running on their watches and then I see their race times.  It doesn’t add up.

We’ve all run with people over the same course and come up with a number of different measurements.  The classic is when people tell you that a big race(say the Boston marathon) is long because their watch said it was.  Come on, “Do you think they didn’t measure it?”

We did a mile time trial at Henderson one time and someone stopped with 60 meters to go because their watch said it was a mile.  The track is something that you can really count on to be accurate.

Anyway, use the GPS watch as a tool to keep you entertained.  If a workout/run sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Here are the weeks workouts:

Tuesday-4-6 x 1000 w/200 JR at 5k pace.

Friday-4 miles of tempo(Tempo being Broad Street pace).  Probably 1400 on the track, then to Fern Hill and back and then finish on the track.

Saturday-Beginner-6-7 miles, AB-7-8 miles, Int-8-9 miles, AI-9-10 miles, Advanced-11-12 miles, AA-13-14 miles.  Route suggestion:  Bolmar  to right on Concord to Right at the end of Concord to Oakbourne Park-Run in Oakbourne Park(on both sides of the street) until you get enough time in and then head back the same way you got to Oakbourne.  It’s probably about 3.5 miles to Oakbourne from the club.

See you out there.


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