Let me start by saying that I’ve never run with headphones in my life.  My first thought is why would you run with headphones?  I really just enjoy getting out there and getting lost in my thoughts.

But, I’m trying to be open minded about this.  I realize that many people get very motivated by listening to music.  I get that and at all of our meets we play music so I understand that on a solo run, it can keep you moving and get you through a rough patch.

I will say that I’m baffled by people who run with headphones when running with a group or on the track.  One of the great things about those two things is the interaction with other people.

Here is the week’s workouts:

Marathoners/Run til you droppers:

Tuesday-3 x Mile at MP, MP-2, MP-5 w/100JR.  Again bringing some water and gels would be a good idea.  W-Off, Thursday-6, Friday-Off, Saturday-3-4 Sunday race.

Others-Tuesday-3 x Mile at 5k pace with a 200JR.  Friday-500,300,100 x 3 with the next distance recovery.  So, 300 after the 500, 100 after the 300 and 500 after the 100.  Let’s run them pretty fast.  Saturday-10-12.

We had great crowds out this morning. Also, I need to start locking the track after the workout. If you cool down on the track, you’ll have to start doing it outside of the track.I’ll try to lock up tomorrow at around 6:25. It may change each week based on the workout. We’ll see you in the morning.




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