I hope everyone’s summer is ending nicely.  School is starting for most of us tomorrow so we’re back at it.  Good luck if you have kids.  I wanted to touch base on track etiquette as we’ll have new people coming out with the start of fall.

The main things are:

1-If you’re running with a group run single file and take turns leading.  You should have someone take charge of your group.  If it seems leaderless, take charge yourself.  If a faster group is coming up on you, they’ll say  “Track”.  Don’t panic and jump out 2 lanes, just slide out to outside edge of lane 1.  If they’re running single file, that’s all the room they need.  If you’re finishing on the straight, don’t yell track, slide into one of the outer lanes.

2-Don’t do your recovery jog in lane 1. Never walk in lane 1.

3-No headphones on the track.  You won’t be able to hear and it’s anti social.  My feeling on headphones are as follows:

A-It’s dangerous if you’re running alone and wearing headphones.  You can’t hear traffic and/or a stalker.

B-Running with headphones when you’re running with people is pretty anti social.

C-You’re going to do what you want to do.  If that keeps you going and getting more runs in, that’s great.

Here is the week’s workout schedule:

Tuesday-RTL Full-3 x 1600 w/100 jog recovery at MP +5, MP and MP -5.  It should feel really easy.  Practice taking water and a gel at that pace.  Marathoners/1/2 marathoners-4k, 2k, 1k w/400 JR.  4k and 2k at 10k pace, 1k at 5k pace.  5k/5mile group.  2k, 2k, 1k w/400 JR at 10k, 10k and 5k pace.

RTL-Rest of week-W-Easy 4.  Th-Easy 3.  Fri-Off, Sat-Easy 3.

Friday-RTL 1/2 and RTYD-60:00.  Other long racers-70 w/2 miles of tempo.  5k/5 mile group-800, 600, 400 x 2 w/400 JR at 3k pace.

Saturday-Long racers-1:50.  5k/5 milers-85:00.

Sunday-Run the Loop.  1/2 Run through the 1/2 but let’s get 15 at MP with a 2 mile warm up and 1 mile cd.

See you on Tuesday.


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