If you were at the Heroes Run in town, you heard a great message.  One of the runners, Rob Jones, is a Marine who lost both legs in Afghanistan.  He was running his 3rd Heroes Run of the weekend.  Among other things, he said that he was glad that it was raining and miserable.  To him that meant that people were more committed because they came out in the bad weather.  Anyone can come out when it’s nice out.  I also forgot how much I enjoy that race and am inspired by it.

This was a good weekend for favorites as Teri’s Run was this weekend also.  Coming up this Friday might be my favorite race, The West Chester Stomp.  Bringing Hope Home does great work in the community.  Plus, a Friday night race with a great post-race party at Barnaby’s is tough to pass up.

I know we want to train all of the time, but let’s not be afraid to race a little bit in preparation for a longer race in the fall.  There is nothing that gets you more ready to race then racing.

Here is this week’s training:(We’re going to code things as short and long-you’ll be able to figure which group you fall in).

Tuesday-Short-1200, 400 x 3 w/100 JR after the 1200 and a 700 JR after the 400.  The 1200 should be at 10k pace and the 400 should be at 3k pace.  It’s a pretty big drop in pace.  You’ll really have to focus on pace on the 1200 and a really hard effort on the 400.  Long-3200, 1600, 3200, 1600 w/200 JR at 10k pace.  Get dialed in early.  Some people may start this at 5:35.

Friday-RNR 1/2 people easy 35:00.  Short– 8 x 300 w/300JR  at 3k pace or race the STOMP.  Long–  5 mile tempo run or race the STOMP.

Saturday-RTL-2:35:00-Easy.  Just get the miles.  Non-RTL but long-1:50.  Short-90.

Sunday-RNR-Get it done.

See you on Tuesday.


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