As you know, we’re in the middle of our hill training cycle.  I was remiss in not talking about the benefits of running hills earlier.

When you look at your year, it’s going to break it into segments.  Hill running can be very beneficial this time of year and during a base building cycle.  The winter forces us to run a little slower so it’s a good time to do some base work.

Hills can help us become better runners in a number of ways:

1-If done properly, they can improve your running form.  You can focus on good mechanics as you run hard up the hill.

2-It’s a good way to increase strength in your muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Think of it as dynamic strength training.

3-It’s a good speed work in disguise.  It’s definitely different from running fast on the track, but has many of the same benefits.

4-If done properly, it can help prevent injuries.

One other beauty of the hill workouts for our group is the anonymity of the workout.  It’s dark and usually cold so people are bundled up.  People like that.  So, get out there on Tuesday mornings and hit the hills(another beauty is that you don’t need a group.  You can find hills around WC with no problem).

Here are the week’s workouts:

Tuesday-Hills-2 x regular, 3 x long and 4 x short in that order.  Friday-20 x :30 hard, :30 easy. Long run=7-12

Marathoners-Sevilla-Wednesday(start wo at 5:30)-10 x 1600 w/100JR, Long run=17.

One City-Wed-8 x 1600 w/100JR.  Long Run-16.

B & A-Wed-7 x 1600 w/100JR.  Long Run-16

B & A 1/2-4-5 x 1600 w/100JR.  Long run 12

Let’s do a real long run this week-either Sunset Hollow or Wylie. It should be easy-45 seconds to 1:00 slower than marathoner pace.

See you on Tuesday or Wednesday. Go Birds!!


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