Hope the training is going well.  We had a lot of good races this past weekend.  A bunch more are this weekend.  Don’t just be a trainer.  Take advantage of your fitness and race.  The spring is a great time for it.

As most of you know, next Friday, May 5 is the Hoka Henderson Invitational.  This has become(other than the Penn Relays) the best regular season meet in PA year in and year out.  It’s a chance to see some of the best high school runners in the region and Nation in your own backyard.  We also have a professional men’s and women’s 800 meters.  One of the great highlights of the meet every year is the Novice 1600m.  The slow heat features about 100-120 runners fighting for a spot on the track.  It’s great action.

I wanted to piggyback off of Hipster Ed’s e-mail last summer and give my own Henderson Invitational highlights from previous years.  I’m only giving 3 highlights but I could spend hours sending you great videos from the meet:

1-Puma Battle Royale-Great concept.  You have to take 5:00 to watch the video:

2-Springer vs. Forys.  This is the race that put the meet on the map.  Craig Forys set the NJ High School 2 Mile Record and Paul Springer set the PA record.  Race video:

3-The 2014 version of the meet was a great meet for me as a coach.  We had boys run 4:21, 4:30 and 4:32 in the 1600, a boy run 1:54 in the 800, one at 9:39 and one at 9:50 in the 3200 and then 4 at 9:21 or better in the 2 mile.  Here’s that 2 mile: Interview with TR:

Here is this week’s workouts as we get ready for Broad Street and other races:

Tuesday-3 x 2400 with 400jr at 10k pace.  If you’re not ready for that, 2 x 2400 or 2-3 x 1600.  Don’t be a hero.  Just get in and get to work right away on pace.  This is not a cut down workout.  Be dialed in from the start.

Friday-5 miles(30-32:00 max) of tempo at Broad Street.  When I ran 66:07 at PDR, we ran 5 miles of tempo 9 days before down around the river.   I ran 5:03 pace then and felt great and did the same thing in the race.    This is tempo, not cutdown, not a race.  Finish feeling like you have a few more miles in you.  We’ll do this all on the track.  30-32:00 is enough.  So, figure out your pace and decide how far you’re going to go.  For example, if you want to run 7:00 pace at BS, run 4.5 miles or 31:30.  You can do the mat for the other paces.  Some of you might turn this into your long run for the week.  If you get a 4 mile warmup.  You just have to cool down a couple of miles.

Saturday-If you ran long yesterday, just an hour.  If you still have to go long, go about 3-4 miles less than last week.

See you on Tuesday.


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