I hope everyone is doing well as we head into the Holidays.  Don’t forget, we run a 2 mile time trail on Christmas Eve at 6:00AM.  The TT will start at 6:00 at Henderson.  People will meet at the Market Street Grill for breakfast around 7.  Do either one or both.

As you head into the holidays, I would suggest using your running as a stress relief.  Get out as a break.  Also try to keep your fitness level up.

Maybe, set a goal for the week.  A lot of people are off from Saturday to Tuesday.Over those 10 days, maybe set a mileage for that time period.  Before kids, we had a 12 day vacation one year(1996) and I set the goal of running 180 miles over that time period.  There were some rough runs due to the social situations over the holidays, but the mission was accomplished.  It led to a great spring.

With that being said, most of us have families.  So balance things between family and fitness.  Maybe, get the kids out and get them moving.  Don’t be a maniac.

Tuesday’s workout this week is 800, 200 x 4 w/a 200 JR. The 800s should be at 5k pace and the 200s at 2 mile pace. This shouldn’t be too severe.

One last call for Christmas Trees at Burkholder Brothers Landscaping on Paoli Pike in Malvern.  They still have some good looking trees on the lot.  Mention the Blog or that you’re part of the group for a discount on your tree.  Here is the web-site:

Also, an interesting article about how listening to certain music can help you recover from a hard workout or race:

See you on Tuesday. Happy Holidays if I don’t see you.


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