With the heat and humidity looking like it’s going to be locked in for the foreseeable future, let’s stop complaining about it and take advantage of it to get more fit.  There are a lot of advantages to training in the heat:

1-When it’ humid, there is less oxygen in the air so it’s a poor man’s altitude training situation.  This allows you to develop more red blood cells and carry more oxygen to the working muscles.

2-It forces you to run your recovery runs and log runs a little slower.  You still get the cardio gains, but it’s easier on your legs.

3-It makes the beautiful fall days even better.

I love a hot, humid summer for the benefits it gives us in the fall.  As an xc coach,  we’ve always had the most success after brutal summers.  One of our best runners ever used to go to Alabama for the 1st 2 weeks of the summer to do some hot weather training.

Be smart about it though.  You should make sure you’re hydrating well.  Also, run early or late and try to hit the trails as much as possible.

The bottom line is get out there and do the work.  Consider the heat your friend; not an excuse to do less work. Just realize that you’re going to run a little slower at anything over a mile.

Here is this week’s workout schedule(not sure if the track will be open or not. I’ll give both scenarios):

Tuesday-6 x 1000/w200JR at 5k pace or 5 x 4:00 at 5k pace.

Friday-12 x 200 w/200 JR or 12 x :45 w/1:15 rest

Saturday-9-13.  Pick your poison.  I like doing a loop and then hitting the trails, like Springline and then the trails.  The real Saturday loops will be coming soon.

BTW, if you’re down the shore this weekend, the Sea Isle City STOMPS Cancer 5k is this Saturday at 9AM. It’s going to be a fun race:

See you in the morning.



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