It’s here.  The 4th Annual Hotel Warner West Chester Mile.  It’s become one of the best events in the area.  The elite fields are shaping up great.  The women’s race in particular looks ridiculous.  The men’s race is just really good.

The Citizen’s Races are loading.  We have over 170 people registered between the Citizen’s and Elites.  Our goal is 250.  Last year, we had 188.  Our goal is 1000 spectators.  Please spread the word.  Here is the registration link:

Don’t forget, we’ve added a kid’s 400m this year.  It’s a great way to get the whole family involved in the atmosphere.  Seeing people run fast is fun.

As you probably know, Henderson has been the site of some great events.  Here are some highlights in no particular order:

1-Puma Battle Royale-

2-Tom Mallon-State record in the 800  By the way, the 2nd place kid in that race, Henderson’s own Luke Lefebure went on to run 1:46.87 at Stanford.

3- Tony Russell leads a dozen under 9:20.  I couldn’t get access to the video, but it was a good one.

4-Boxcar Mile-The first sub 4:00 miles run in Chester County(video from Danielle Burns from the track shed).

5-Last year’s Women’s Hotel Warner WC Mile-5 Under 4:35. Again, I didn’t have access to the video, but if you were there, it was awesome.

Pick your favorite in this week’s survey:

Here are the week’s workouts:

Tuesday-Milers-Good warmup.  4 x 200 at Mile pace w/400 jr.  No faster, no slower.  It should be pretty easy. 5 Milers-3 x 2400 w/400 JR at 10k pace.  As part of the cool down, do 2-3 laps on the turf barefoot.

Wednesday-Milers-Easy warmup and then 6 x striders to loosen up.  If you’re a 5 miler doing the mile, do the same thing.

Thursday-Milers-Good race day prep.  Eat a bagel about 2-3 hours before your heat.  Stay hydrated, but not over hydrated.  Have a race plan through 3 laps and then go crazy with 250 to go.  Go to the post race party at the Hotel Warner.

Friday-No workouts.

Saturday-Milers-55:00.  5 Milers- 2:00 with 3 x 15:00 of tempo with 5:00 recovery.  Start that at 55:00.

See you on Tuesday.



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