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Happy Holidays!  I wanted to share my thoughts on getting with a group as we look to the new year.

Running is  very individual sport.  You set your own goals and run for your own reasons.  Some of my all-time great runs have been by myself.  Just getting out and doing my own thing.

With that being said, there can be a lot of benefits to joining a training group.  *

*Being part of a group/team can be motivating. When people are counting on you to meet them for a run, it can help get you out of bed in the morning.

*You can learn from the group.  Everyone has had different experiences in life and in running.  You can learn from other people’s mistakes and victories.

*When doing hard workouts, it’s helpful to have other people to work with and push the pace at times.  This is especially helpful if you’re having a bad day.

We have some great groups at CCRS.  There is really something for everyone.

Tuesdays-Hill/Track workout-The hill workout cycle will go from January 3-early March.  We meet at the corner of High and Biddle Streets at 5:45AM.  The workout starts at 5:50AM.  We run hard up the hill and jog back down.  In mid-March, we move to the track at Henderson.  All abilities are welcome.  We get 50-70 people out on Tuesdays.

MWF-5:45AM at CCRS. This is the so called “Fun Group”.  They run 4-8 miles.  This group is more women than men.

Thursday-5:40AM at the West Chester Country Club at New and Ashebridge Streets for a 5-9 miler.  This group is usually 30+ people.

Wednesday Knights-6:30PM on Wednesdays for a 4-8 miler.  They hit the Sidebar after the run for some burgers and beers. They get 30+ people per run.

Friday morning track workout-Workout starts at 5:30AM at Henderson.  We’ll restart this on January 6.

Saturday Long Run-Meet at the WC Country Club-It’s usually 6:30 in the winter, but moves earlier in the summer.

Looking for more individualized feedback with some coaching, join our CCRS Training Team for the Philly Love Run, Broad Street or a Beginners’ Program.

See you at a run soon.


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