Busy week.  I’ll be away this week so the bathrooms may or may not be open.  Luckily, Wawa and McDonalds are close.

Here is the week’s workouts:

Tuesday-Milers-800m time trial.  Good warmup, wear your racing flats and then get after it.  Take 7:00 after the time trial and then run 6 x 200 w/200jr at mile pace.  5 Milers-2 x 3200 at 10k pace with a 400 jog recovery.

Friday-Milers-300, 200 x 4 w/a 300 jr after the 300 and 600jr between sets.  The 300s should be at mile pace and the 200s at 800 pace.   5 milers-6 x 600 at 5k pace with a 200jr.

Saturday-Milers-85:00, 5 milers-95:00.

Have a good week.


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