Take advantage of a few more hot days.  Use that to benefit to get ready for some nice fall weather which I’m sure is coming up.  Be careful though.  The heat after some cool weather can really do some damage.

We had some great racing this weekend in town and around the area.  Hipster Ed took the W on Friday night if front of about 500 others at WC STOMP and we had almost 900 out on Saturday morning for the Unite For Her 5k.  We had great representation in both races from this group.

Some cool weather in the coming weeks can make for some nice time drops the next time you’re on the downtown loop.

Here is the training for this week:

5k group-Tuesday-4 x 1200 w/200JR at 5k pace.  Friday-6 x 600 w/100wr, 100JR at 3k pace.  Saturday-8-13 miles depending on your fitness level.

Marathoners: Tuesday-6 x 1200 w/200JR at 10k pace.  Friday-4 miles of tempo.  Let’s do that at 20-25 seconds faster per mile than marathon goal pace.  1/2 marathoners would do 3 of tempo at 5-7 seconds faster per mile than goal 1/2 marathon pace.  Let’s go 3 1/2 laps on the track, Fern Hill loop and then finish on the track.  Saturday-16 miles.  Let’s go Sunset Hollow-Right on Creek-Right on Ravine-Right on Copeland School-Get water at the park by Copeland and Frank(I think it’s E Bradford Park)-Go right on Frank-cross 322 to Creek left on 162-Right on Creek in Hillsdale.   1/2 marathoners would go 12-13 so maybe Stay on Copeland School and go in 322.

See you on Tuesday.


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