If you haven’t been to the Tuesday or Friday workouts recently, you’re missing out.  We’ve never had so much depth of groups running so well and working together.

Part of the beauty of the groups is seeing how each group evolves from a bunch of people just looking out for themselves to a group/team that works together and supports each other.  The evolution from being a “me only” runner to an integral part of the group is good for the group and good for you.

Seeing different leaders evolve in each group is pretty awesome.  I look at the 3:15 group as a prime example.  They use to be a rudderless ship.  They would work hard and improve but were all over the place. Once we started having some leadership in that group, the improvements and the synergy within the group has been impressive.  Sometimes, the leader(s) have to do some regulating.  That’s necessary and vital to the health and well being of the group.

Keep up the good work.

PS-Great job at the RNR 1/2 this morning.  We had some great performances in not great conditions.  Once again, get confidence from your teammates.    Those people should not workout on Tuesday.

Here is the week’s workout schedule:

Tuesday-Short-4-6 x 1000 w/200jr at 10k pace.  Long-8-10 x 1000 w/200 JR at 10k pace.

Friday-Racing this weekend is a good option.  The Unite for Her Race in town looks like the new biggest race on the Downtown loop ever.  That would be a good race to run.  Short-600, 400, 300  x 2 w/400 JR at mile pace.  Long-70:00 w/2 at MP on the track.

Saturday-Marathoners-2:00 w/3 x 25:00 at MP minus 5 seconds w/5:00 starting at 25:00.  1/2 marathoners-1:50 w/3 x 20:00 at 1/2 MP plus 5 seconds starting at 25:00.  Short crew-75:00.

See you on Tuesday.


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