Everyone always wants to know how long should the long run be.  Scott shared a link to one of the Hanson’s Brothers blogs on their long run philosophy.  It was an interesting blog but definitely within our line of thinking.  Basically, your long run should be no more than 1/4 to 1/3 of your weekly mileage.  So, if you’re training for a marathon, but only running 40 miles per week, you shouldn’t be running 20 miles.

I was always a big fan of just running for time, not for distance.  When I was younger and running a lot, we would run between 2:15 and 2:25 on longer weeks.  On shorter weeks, we would run 1:45.    Our long run schedule if we weren’t training for a marathon would be 3 shorter weeks(1:45:00 long run) and 1 longer week(2:15-2:25).  If we were training for a marathon, we’d go long week, short week for 3-5 cycles.  The long runs were always pretty conversational.

I like what the Hansons say about running too far.  They said anything over 3 hours, leads to an increased risk of injury with diminishing fitness returns.  I always thought personally, that anything over 2:45:00 was a bit much.  I can only remember running over 2:45 3 times.  Once in a race and twice in training.  The first time, I was in really good shape so it didn’t bother me.  The 2nd time was an experiment that wasn’t very successful.

There are a lot of physical and psychological benefits to the long run.  It can be really beneficial as you prepare for a short race.  Even 800m runners and milers need a good long run during their base building period.

So, what this mean for the group’s training:  Keep your long run at about 1/4 of your weekly training in preparation for Broad Street.  Be careful not to over do it.  Commit to the weekly long run however long it is.

This week’s training:

Tuesday-Depending on the timing of the snow, this may or may not happen and it may or may not be the last hill workout(if we get 12″, I doubt that the track will be clear by next Tuesday).  We’ll plan the week as if it’s not going to snow.  Meet at High and Biddle-Jog back to Church and Biddle-Do the following loop hard-Church to left on Virginia, to left on New to left on Biddle.  Jog back over to High.  Run 2 x regular, short.  Go back to Church and Biddle-Do that loop again.  Run hard the 1st time.  Try to run the loop faster the 2nd time.

Friday-The best thing to do would be to race the St. Pat’s 5k on Saturday at 3:00(Registration link here:  If you’re racing, warmup and then run 3 x 200 w/200JR at 5k pace-no faster.  If you’re not racing, it’s 4 miles of tempo-remember tempo would be Broad Street pace.

Saturday-Run a 1/4 of your weekly mileage for the week at most if you’re not racing.  I would suggest something a little flatter this week as next week will be hilly again.  If you’re racing, 3-5 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down.

See you out there.



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