We’ve seen some great upsets in the NCAA tournament this weekend.  It’s been exciting.

We’ve also seen some pretty awful weather even by usual March standards.  Despite the threat of another Nor’easter this week, I feel(hope) the end of the awful weather is near.  Just look at yesterday and today as glimpses into the spring.

This bad weather helps prepare us for the rest of the spring.  As much as we hate and complain about the wind and the rain, it does have a certain hardening effect on you.  If you can get out when the days are miserable, it makes everything a little easier when the nice weather comes.

When I was younger, I lived for the bad days.  I thought that if I was out there and my competitors weren’t that would give me an edge.  Did it?  Who knows(those were the days before social media when it was much easier to do secret training)?  I thought it did so it gave me some confidence.

BTW, we have some people getting really fit this winter.  so far, we’re 2 for 2 with marathon PRs within the group.

Here is the week’s workout schedule:

5k/10k/Broad Street-Tuesday- 3-5 x 1600 w/100m JR at 10k pace.  Thursday-8-10.  Saturday-St. Agnes 5k or Run 2 Remember Richie 5k(one of them have to fit your schedule).  For the race 3-4 mile warmup, 2 mile cool down.  Really get after it.

B & A Trail Marathon-Tuesday-8 x 1600 w/100jr at 10k pace. Thursday-10 miles.  Saturday-St. Agnes 5k with 5 mile warmup, 3 mile cool down.

Boston-M-10 miles.Tuesday-10 x 1600 w/100 jr at 10k pace.  Wed-13 miles. Th-Off.  Friday-6 miles.  Saturday-SA 5k-4 mile wu, 2 mile cd.  Sunday-17 easy.

See you on Tuesday.


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