Thanks to everyone who came out to run the MD 5k and also to all of those who helped.  Great job by the Tuesday morning crew for helping out.  The weather held out nicely.

Here is something to think about for a Wednesday evening in June(maybe 6/13).  Scott and I were talking about having a DMR(distance medley relay) of the Wednesday Knights vs. the Tuesday morning crew.  The categories would be open, mixed and female.  We would score it 5, 3, 1 per event and then go out afterwards.  It might be fun.  I’ll bring it up on Tuesday to see if anyone is interested.

Our training over the next 3 weeks is going to be geared towards the John Hay PA Distance Festival on June 1 at Henderson.  You can run the 800, mile or 5k.  There are a lot of different abilities at this meet.  It’s an all-comers meet so everyone is welcome.  The meet starts at 6ish and goes until around 8:45.  Post-race athletes meeting is at the Square immediately afterwards.

The rest of June will involve some base building and we’ll really start gearing up for the fall in July and August.  We have a good group going to NY and I’m sure we’ll have a crew getting ready for Philly.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Here is the this week’s workout schedule:  Tuesday-3200(at 10k pace), 400JR, 1600(at 5k pace) 400 JR, 800(at 3k pace).  So, it you’re in 20:00 5k shape(6:30 pace), you would run your 3200 at 6:40 pace(13:20), your 1600 in 6:30 and your 800 in 3:10(give or take a little).

Friday-Mile of tempo warmup and then 3 x 3 x 200 w/200 JR at set 1-mile pace, set 2-800 pace, set 3 slightly faster than 800 pace.  If you’re concerned with getting injured, run 3 miles of tempo.  If you’re racing on Saturday or Sunday, don’t workout.

Saturday-5 if racing, 10 if not.  Sunday-#ScottStrong 5k at Rustin at 9AM.  Good course, good Tuesday morning racing crowd, great course.

See you on Tuesday.



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