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As we go into Broad Street, you want to get some mental focus. It’s a long race and it’s easy to drift off and let your race get away from you.

One of the things that has helped me in races and in longer workouts is to focus on my breathing and how I feel during the race/workout. If I’m running a shorter race, my b
reathing is a little more ragged. In a longer race, if I’m breathing too hard, I’ll realize that I need to back off a little or I’ll be in trouble later.

Trying to assess how your body feels and focusing on the race has always worked for me. Some people like to disassociate and think about other things during the race. When I’ve done this, I’ve always run slow. On an easy day, sure, let your mind drift. When you’re running hard, focus on what you’re doing.

Some people like to wear headphones when they race. I truly believe that is one of the worst thing you can do during a race.

I wanted to mention staying within yourself during workouts. I’ve noticed people going out too hard and fading apart in the workouts. All that does is teach you to practice dying. This is especially true in longer workouts. We’ve all done it. We think we’re in better shape than we are. It happening every once in awhile is OK. Letting it happen every week is not smart.

We have a lot of people in the Tuesday/Friday workout group who really get dialed into their training and go out where they should be and still negative split their workouts while being within themselves. We also have some people who go out too hard and fade. Guess which group does better on race?

Here is this week’s training schedule:
Tuesday-5 x 1k at Broad Street pace minus 3 seconds per k. So if you can run 60:00 at Broad Street, you should be running your 1000s in 3:42. If you’re going to run 70:00 at Broad Street, you should run your 1000s in 4:22. You do the math for other paces.

Friday-Broad Street-Easy run. Non Broad Street-3 x 4 x 400 w/100 jr after each one and a 500 jr after each set at 5k pace.

Saturday-BS-shakeout. Others 10 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


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