MICHAEL'S RUN FOR TRISOMY 21
                         CALN PARK - THORNDALE, PA
                              AUGUST 20, 2016
                        **Scroll Down for Awards**
   Place No.   Name                Age Div/Tot  Sex/Tot  S Div   Time       
===== ===== =================== === ======== ======== = ===== ======= 
    1  3709 Liam Galligan        17   1/4      1/45   M M1619   14:53 
    2  3792 Erik Walker          34   1/6      2/45   M M3039   19:14 
    3  3887 Jordan Ambrose       18   2/4      3/45   M M1619   19:19 
    4  3764 John Zak             35   2/6      4/45   M M3039   21:23 
    5  3730 Jack Loeper          14   1/5      5/45   M M1315   22:14 
    6  3874 Luke Smith           13   2/5      6/45   M M1315   22:45 
    7  3704 Audrey Brady         43   1/11     1/42   F F4049   23:04 
    8  3718 Dominic Lafrance     12   1/12     7/45   M M0112   23:59 
    9  3855 Alex Rock            14   3/5      8/45   M M1315   24:04 
   10  3733 Penelope Loeper      10   1/6      2/42   F F0112   24:15 
   11  3793 Lauren Allessandro   30   1/5      3/42   F F3039   24:16 
   12  3752 Christine Smith      30   2/5      4/42   F F3039   24:45 
   13  3794 Brad Hartz           48   1/9      9/45   M M4049   24:47 
   14  3746 Isaiah Rock          17   3/4     10/45   M M1619   24:50 
   15  3798 Michael McCork       45   2/9     11/45   M M4049   24:52 
   16  3716 Keith Johnson        31   3/6     12/45   M M3039   25:07 
   17  3738 Michael Lorenz       48   3/9     13/45   M M4049   25:16 
   18  3867 Damion Montfort      13   4/5     14/45   M M1315   25:33 
   19  3892 Laurie Whiteman      48   2/11     5/42   F F4049   25:58 
   20  3780 Tom                               15/45   M         26:07 
   21  3751 Sean Slater          45   4/9     16/45   M M4049   26:19 
   22  3791 Madeline Ladd        13   1/5      6/42   F F1315   26:33 
   23  3795 Carley Smith         25   1/6      7/42   F F2029   26:38 
   24  3773 Anya Hang            19   1/2      8/42   F F1619   26:59 
   25  3886 Simone Ambrose       12   2/12    17/45   M M0112   27:02 
   26  3881 John Fortecelo        9   3/12    18/45   M M0112   27:04 
   27  3885 Faith Ambrose        10   2/6      9/42   F F0112   27:07 
   28  3860 Jill Cutolo          46   3/11    10/42   F F4049   27:16 
   29  3884 Larry Ambrose        50   1/3     19/45   M M5059   27:19 
   30  3732 John Loeper          46   5/9     20/45   M M4049   27:22 
   31  3878 Claire Snell         36   3/5     11/42   F F3039   27:51 
   32  3888 Cheryl Alexander     57   1/6     12/42   F F5059   28:07 
   33  3731 Jennifer Loeper      45   4/11    13/42   F F4049   28:26 
   34  3702 Lindsey Botero       28   2/6     14/42   F F2029   28:44 
   35  3703 Pablo Botero                      21/45   M         28:47 
   36  3753 Diane Smith          57   2/6     15/42   F F5059   28:52 
   37  3772 Mary Corrigan        39   4/5     16/42   F F3039   29:06 
   38  3863 Tom                               22/45   M         29:11 
   39  3758 Adam Solnosky        22   1/2     23/45   M M2029   29:34 
   40  3883 Mike Fortecelo       42   6/9     24/45   M M4049   29:42 
   41  3843 Sam Ellis            16   4/4     25/45   M M1619   29:49 
   42  3754 Randy Smith          57   2/3     26/45   M M5059   29:52 
   43  3852 Emily Clemson        14   2/5     17/42   F F1315   30:42 
   44  3729 Edith Lefever        26   3/6     18/42   F F2029   30:46 
   45  3701 Laura Altenburger    22   4/6     19/42   F F2029   31:11 
   46  3877 Nick Cope             9   4/12    27/45   M M0112   31:13 
   47  3875 Chris Cope           36   4/6     28/45   M M3039   31:15 
   48  3784 Deb Obriaen          39   5/5     20/42   F F3039   31:48 
   49  3761 Mary Jo Valocchi     66   1/1     21/42   F F6099   31:49 
   50  3796 Grace Flannigan      47   5/11    22/42   F F4049   32:42 
   51  3750 Nate Schifter         6   5/12    29/45   M M0112   32:56 
   52  3717 Madison Kelly        20   5/6     23/42   F F2029   33:11 
   53  3770 Corrigan Tommy                    30/45   M         33:14 
   54  3708 Nancy Foschi         57   3/6     24/42   F F5059   34:01 
   55  3893 Cathy Weible         49   6/11    25/42   F F4049   34:07 
   56  3776 Chris Ann            53   4/6     26/42   F F5059   34:15 
   57  3876 Susannah Cope        11   6/12    31/45   M M0112   34:26 
   58  3862 Bridgit Kelly        15   3/5     27/42   F F1315   34:30 
   59  3790 Rob Garner           35   5/6     32/45   M M3039   34:56 
   60  3743 Tanya Phillips       43   7/11    28/42   F F4049   35:14 
   61  3726 Cassandra Lam        46   8/11    29/42   F F4049   35:17 
   62  3868 Elijah Monfort        8   7/12    33/45   M M0112   36:14 
   63  3882 Anthony Fortecelo    11   8/12    34/45   M M0112   38:12 
   64  3747 Ben Schifter          6   9/12    35/45   M M0112   38:29 
   65  3871 Juliet Montaj        15   4/5     30/42   F F1315   38:32 
   66  3880 Serena Forteclo      14   5/5     31/42   F F1315   38:44 
   67  3873 Father Mullen        55   3/3     36/45   M M5059   39:11 
   68  3879 Christian Snell       9  10/12    37/45   M M0112   39:16 
   69  3851 Sophia Manley        12   3/6     32/42   F F0112   39:18 
   70  3768 Elizabeth Ellis      17   2/2     33/42   F F1619   39:54 
   71  3797 Donna Kusaleczyk     57   5/6     34/42   F F5059   39:57 
   72  3781 Jacob Fertal         13   5/5     38/45   M M1315   39:59 
   73  3749 Josh Schifter        45   7/9     39/45   M M4049   40:02 
   74  3771 Liam Corrigan         9  11/12    40/45   M M0112   40:11 
   75  3865 Jennifer Monfort     44   9/11    35/42   F F4049   40:16 
   76  3849 Michael Manley       49   8/9     41/45   M M4049   40:22 
   77  3844 Margaret Ellis       10   4/6     36/42   F F0112   40:24 
   78  3769 Veronica Manely      20   6/6     37/42   F F2029   40:27 
   79  3737 Meghan Lorenz        46  10/11    38/42   F F4049   40:49 
   80  3711 Tyrone Harrell       39   6/6     42/45   M M3039   41:26 
   81  3866 Joe Monfort          40   9/9     43/45   M M4049   42:10 
   82  3748 Hannah Schifter       9   5/6     39/42   F F0112   42:24 
   83  3891 James Tipton         23   2/2     44/45   M M2029   42:30 
   84  3720 Helen Lafrance       44  11/11    40/42   F F4049   44:56 
   85  3872 Amy Montaj           50   6/6     41/42   F F5059   45:03 
   86  3869 Wesley Montfort      11  12/12    45/45   M M0112   48:19 
   87  3864 Caroline Kelly       11   6/6     42/42   F F0112   49:35 

                   ********** AWARDS LIST **************

                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  1 - 12
    1    22  3733 Penelope Loeper      10   24:15  7:49 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  1 - 12
    1    20  3718 Dominic Lafrance     12   23:59  7:44 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  13 - 15
    1    49  3791 Madeline Ladd        13   26:33  8:33 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  13 - 15
    1    15  3730 Jack Loeper          14   22:14  7:10 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  16 - 19
    1    51  3773 Anya Hang            19   26:59  8:42 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  16 - 19
    1     1  3709 Liam Galligan        17   14:53  4:48 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  20 - 29
    1    50  3795 Carley Smith         25   26:38  8:35 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  20 - 29
    1    67  3758 Adam Solnosky        22   29:34  9:31 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  30 - 39
    1    23  3752 Christine Smith      30   24:45  7:58 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  30 - 39
    1     8  3792 Erik Walker          34   19:14  6:12 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  40 - 49
    1    19  3704 Audrey Brady         43   23:04  7:26 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  40 - 49
    1    25  3794 Brad Hartz           48   24:47  7:59 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  50 - 59
    1    59  3888 Cheryl Alexander     57   28:07  9:03 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  50 - 59
    1    56  3884 Larry Ambrose        50   27:19  8:48 
                         FEMALE AGE GROUP  60 - 99
    1    78  3761 Mary Jo Valocchi     66   31:49 10:15 
                          MALE AGE GROUP  60 - 99


Top Male: Carter Smallwood     

Top Female: Trish Smallwood 

Top 2 Strollers:

1) James Sheets

2) Rebekah Soditus

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