It looks like the humidity just won’t end.  It looks like another tough day day on Tuesday.  Good news though.  I got good intel from GG that by the end of the week, we’re in for a good stretch of below average temps and low humidity.  After this humidity, just think of how good you’re going to feel.  For the marathoners, if GG is right, this will be the best of both worlds.  Hot weather training followed by cool weather racing is the recipe for running fast.

Speaking of that, the word is out that the NYC is not a fast course.  That’s not true.  If you’re fit and the weather is good, you’ll run fast.  If you’re not fit or the weather is bad, you won’t be so fast.  Our NY group is really training well so we’ll look for good weather and good performances.

We’ll start splitting the training between NY and Philly starting this Friday.  NY has 5 hard days left.  Let’s get after it this week:

Here is the training:

Tuesday-Marathoners and 1/2 marathoners-3 x 3200 at 10k pace w/200JR.  Short group-3200 at 10k pace, 400 JR and then 4 x 600 at 5k pace with a 400 JR.  Short group.  Get on line and sign up to race at the Henderson Invitational on October 18.  You can go mile or 5k.

Friday-NY-10 miles of tempo starting at 5:30.  I’ll put a course up here later but it will be track FH, track FH, track.  Philly-6 miles of tempo.  Short group-4 miles of tempo or race this weekend.

Saturday-NY-85:00.   Philly-1:45.  Short group-75-85.

See you on Tuesday.


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