We had some great workouts and long runs this past weekend.  Only 2 more really hard efforts left.  That doesn’t mean you should let your guard down or lose focus.  Here are some little things we can work on in the next 4 weeks so we have a great marathon or 1/2:

1-Practice taking gels while running at pace.  Anyone can put down a gel while jogging or standing still.  We had an interesting “water stop” during last Tuesday’s workout.  Keep practicing and it will get easier.

2-Stretching-We want to stay healthy.  Don’t overdo things, but make sure you’re staying loose.

3-Getting sleep.  The easiest way to get injured is to not get enough rest.  While a nap is good, a good night’s sleep is better.

4-Eat right.  Don’t drastically change your diet now, but lean towards the healthier side.  That includes getting good recovery meals in right after you workout.  200-300 calories or a combination of fat, protein and carbs within 15:00 of working out really helps with recovery. Think chocolate milk, peanut butter bagel, peanut banana, yogurt, etc.

Here is this week’s training:

5k/10k-Tuesday-6 x 800 w/200 jr at 5k pace.  Friday-300,200,100 x 4 with a 200JR and 400JR between sets.  Long run=8-12 miles.

Marathon and 1/2 marathoners-Tuesday-6-8 x 1600 w/100JR at 10k pace.  Hit this workout like we’ve been hitting the others.  Keep it consistent.  This is not a workout to be a hero on the last one.  In your group, take your turn leading.  Don’t go crazy on the lead.   Friday-Cutdown 3 miles.  Marathon pace, :30 faster, :30 faster.  So, the last one is moving a bit.  Saturday-Long Run is 16 miles-easy no pickup in there.  Just a steady run at 1:00 slower than marathon pace.  If done properly, you should be twiddling your thumbs your so anxious to get rolling.  Trust me and keep it under control.

Also on Friday, the Lululemon More than Miles Truck will be at the workout.  They’ll be parked inside the Chestnut Street gate-it will be open.  You’ll be able to sample a piece of Lululemon gear.  You’ll be able to change in the bathroom.  They’ll be there at 5.  Take advantage.  They’ll also have some coffee and snacks for after the run.  Feel free to park on Chestnut Street.

See you on Tuesday.


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