I hope everyone is dealing with the heat well.  Prepare yourself so the heat doesn’t defeat you.

So, we have an interesting training plan going on now.  We’re going to do a mini cycle of 6 weeks with 2 different options.

Option 1-For people who are training for a longer race in the fall(marathon or 1/2 marathon).  Your 6 week cycle will end with a 5 mile race on Tuesday, August 13 during the workout.

Option 2-For people who want to run the Hotel Warner West Chester Mile on August 9 or are training for a 5k or 5 miler in the fall.

Option 1 people will be doing some longer workouts.  After the 5 mile race on August 13, they’ll take a recovery week and then gear up for the fall.  Most of the Tuesday workouts will be at 5k/10k pace.  We’ll alternate long run weeks.  If you’re in group 1, you can still run the Mile on August 9.

Option 2 will be doing more faster workouts with less volume.  There will be a lot of 5k/3k/mile pace work.  Just because you’re in this group doesn’t mean you can’t run the 5 miler on August 13.

We’ll also have some people training for Run the Loop and the Rock and Roll 1/2.  We’ll adjust things accordingly.  You’ll have to let me know what you’re doing.

Last week’s survey results had the Sidebar beating the Square and Levante by 1 vote.  The WKs must have ganged up on the survey.  This week’s survey is what is your favorite “Dub C” race?  Here is the link:

Thanks for answering it.

Here is the week’s training:

Tuesday- Group 1-4 x 1600 w/200 jr at 10k pace.  Group 2-4 x 800 w/400jr at 5k pace.  Feel free to do a little core after the workout, but before you cool down.  Maybe, 3 sets of planks and pushups.

Thursday-Summer XC Mile at Oakbourne at 7PM.(Levante afterwards).  If you’re in Group 1, do a second hard mile after 5:00 rest.  If you’re in group 2 do a mile of :30, :30 off.

Friday-If you didn’t race on Thursday, group 1 is 4 x 6:00 of broken tempo with a 1:00 jog recovery.  It should be tempo pace.   Group 2 3 x 3 x 300 w/100 JR and 700 between sets at 3k pace.

Saturday-Group 1-1:35.  Group 2-80:00.

See you on Tuesday.


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