As we start this new training cycle, I wanted to go over what the various paces mean and what they actually are.  Should you follow these to the letter?  Ideally.  Will you?  Some will, some won’t.

MP=Marathon Pace-Goal pace for your marathon.  If you’re not running a marathon, you can get this from your other paces.

Tempo-The pace that you could run if you were running hard for an hour, also known as Broad Street Pace.  If everything matches up, about :25-30 seconds slower per mile than marathon pace.

10k pace-If you haven’t run a 10k lately, it would be your 5k fitness level x 2 plus 1:00.  So, if you’re in 20:30 5k shape, you would be in 42:00 10k shape which would be about 6:47 pace.

5k pace=your current 5k fitness.  Most people over estimate their fitness level on this one even though they’ve most likely run a good number of 5ks.  They go at what they think they could run if everything was perfect(downhill course with a tailwind).

3k pace-5k pace minus 10-12 seconds per mile.

Mile pace=current mile fitness level. I PRd at the mile, 3k and 5k in the same year.  The mile and 3k were mostly solo, but for me, 5k pace was only about 5 seconds slower per mile than my 3k pace and my mile pace was about 17 seconds faster than by 3k pace.  Mile pace should be about 25-30 faster per mile than 5k pace(if you haven’t run a hard mile recently).

Long run paces-Unless prescribed differently, it should be about 45 seconds to a minute slower than marathon pace.  Many people will do their long runs much too fast.  I’ve run long runs with guys who can’t break 3:00 and they’re doing their long runs at 6:30 pace.  It makes no sense(see ego blog).

Recovery days-Non-workout days should be easy.  Running too hard in between workouts just leads to injury.  Be smart.

Last week’s survey winner was Brian’s Run in a landslide.  This week’s survey is “What’s your favorite pizza place in West Chester?”  Thanks for answering.

Here is this week’s training schedule:

Tuesday-Milers-1600, 800, 1600, 800 w/200 JR at 10k pace.   5 milers-1600,800,1600, 800, 1600 w/200 JR at 10k pace.

Friday-Milers-5 x 400 w/400 JR at Mile pace.  5 milers-6 x 3:00 w/1:30 JR at 5k pace.

Saturday-Long Run-5 milers-2:10:00.  Milers-1:25:00.

See you on Tuesday.


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